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I woke up and the sweat ran down my face. "Holy crap. That dream." I sat at Pagans desk and seemed to have fallen asleep while waiting for him. "Ajay, Pagan, Pagan where are you?" I stood up and the chair fell to the ground. I rushed thorugh the mansion but it was like dead. After every room I searched for him and failed at finding him made me tremble. "Pagan? Manju? Yama?" Again the wind whispered my name. Ray....Ray.....Ray I shook my head. I went outside the mansion and rushed in the garden. Pagan sat on a light brown wooden bench. I sighed and a tear ran down my cheek. "Pagan. Thank god you're okay." I sat down next to him and took his hand.

Pagan:" Actually, we two aren't okay." "what do you mean?" Pagan:" This seems to be some kind of...Nirvana. You understand?" I nodded. "So this wasn't just a nightmare." Pagan shook his head slowly. Pagan:" I thought I would be alone here" he grabbed my hand harder. " But my mind seemed to call you so badly, that the lines between this and your reality blurred." " You're acting too nostalgic." I grinned and gave him a kiss. "You and me"


A woman with black hair stood there leaned against a tree. But only for a second. She seemed to dissappear, like blown away by the wind. Pagan had his eyes fixed on me.

And only one sweet tender kiss, leads ous through time. We got what we wanted. Ourselves. Love. And that forever.

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