Chapter 24

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I slowly opened my eyes and directly looked into a camera.


Sheela held her iPhone in her hand an took a picture of me.


"What in the world is wrong with you?"

Sheela:"Nothing! Just want some photos to post on my instagram! Let's take a picture!"

She pulled me out of bed. Then she made a selfie with me.

Sheela:"This is great! Simply great!"


Sheela:" Pagan Min invited me to dinner! So we can spend some time together!"

"I just woke up, take it easy."

Sheela didn't know what to respond. I sighed and went into the bathroom, then I brushed my hair and changed my clothes.

"What time is it?"

Sheela:"It's 4pm. Dinner starts at 6 so we still got some time."


Sheela:"Why not go shopping? There is a nice village about 15 minutes away from here...and you get some good stuff there."

"I don't know if it's a good idea.."

Sheela:"What should happen?"

"I'm an enemy of the Golden Path! So actually everything!"

Sheela:"Hm okay"

"...okay let's go. Wait for me outside the palace ok? I still need to gather some stuff."

I took my handgun and some knives and put them in my belt. I hid the belt under my button down and I also took my phone. I got out of the mansion and went straight to Sheela.

"Okay, let's go to one of Pagans cars."

I grinned.

Sheela grinned too.

Sheela:"That's what rich boyfriends are good for right?"

"Hehe, well not only."
Actually we are only lovers...I wonder if we get engaged one day?

I got in one of Pagans cars. A black car, not that extraordinary.

Sheela sat next to me.

Sheela:"Can you drive?"

"Yup. Learned it in america."

I grinned and put on a pair of sunglasses.

I began to drive while Sheela gave me the directions.




We arrived at the village and got out of the car. I locked the car. As I got out, I heard some people gasping. But only because of fear.
They really hate me, don't they?

I followed Sheela into a small shop. It smelled very exotic and fruity.
So that's were Pagan gets this good perfume!

I took of the sunglasses and put them into my pocket. A woman came right in. She could have been my mother. And she looked a lot like her. I blinked.
Could this be?

"I'm sorry...but do I know you? You seem familiar to me.."

She turned around.

?:"You are a demon! Shame over you! I can see the pure evil inside you!"

"Uuhm okay, well maybe not."

I turned around and looked around in the little shop. I saw a little table with handmade stuff. On it were two stuffed foxes. They were so soft. I just couldn't handle it. I will buy them for Manju and Yama. I took the two stuffed items and went to the shopkeeperin.

"I want to buy those two"

SK:"S..sure Miss Min."

"Miss Min? I'm not married."

Sk:"S...sorry...I just...thought..."

"Wait, are you trembling? Hey chill, I'm not into harming innocent people!"

I was really embarrassed.

"No..sorry. I must have sounded pretty scary."

Sk:"....Miss Tasmian? Would you like a bag?"

"No thank you. And they are pretty cute, good job"

I smiled innocently.

?:"Don't let you guide to the dark side Dipti! She is evil!"

"What? I'm just nice! What's your problem?"

?:"Don't talk to me demon! Don't dirt my innocent and believing soul!"

"What is she talking about...Dipti?"

D:"...she is the talker of *~*~*~*"

"Like a bishop?"

D:"If you want to look at it that way.."

I heard a manly voice from the backroom.

M:"Who are you talking to Dipti? Why is it so noisy?"

He came through the pearl curtain.



"Jup. This bishop woman there calls me demon..well I gotta go."

I felt totally uncomfortable with Ajay around.

And I felt a bit jealous. Since he didn't get me he takes the nearest girl he can have. Dipti! What's that kind of name?!

I took the two animals and got out of the shop. I said nothing. I unlocked the car and put the stuffed pets into the back seat.

Sheela was nowhere to be seen.

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