Chapter 23

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I was in the garden, in one off Pagans button down and a black legging with black martens. I heard someone coming, so I turned around. but instead of Paul de Pleur was a young girl, about 17 years old, with golden hair and flashy brown eyes. ,,Have you seen Paul?'', she asked. ,,He should be here any minute. Why are you asking?"

She looked at me:"He was told to train me, together with Ray Tasmian! Do you believe that? I get to see Kyrat's topic number one!"


"What are you doing here?",she asked.

"Well, I actually am Ray...."

Her eyes widened.

"Wait..of course! The green eyes, the fox alike hair! How couldn't I notice?! I'm sorry, I'm Sheela"

Sheela held out her hand.

I slowly took her hand and shaked it.


Sheela just grinned.

Paul:"Are you finished?"

Paul De Pleur stood behind Sheela and as she turned around, it seemed that the time stopped. Well, for them.
Oh I know that feeling, hehe.

I began to grin. They would be a cute couple.

Sheela began to blush and Paul just looked into her eyes that looked like caramel.
Okay, it gets weird now.

Sheela:"H..Hi. I'm Sheela"

Paul:"I'm Paul. Soooo...let's start with the training.."









I was totally exhausted after the training, running around, throwing knifes in which I am actually pretty good, trying to kick in Pauls face which he dodged easily. But I got the feeling, that I did something useful. During the training, I got the feeling of invisibility. I got more energy I ever thought I could use and somwtimes it was difficult for Paul to block my punches, once he even slipped and fell to the ground. Yeah and Sheela helped him up. As they're hands touched they both began to blush. Cuuute :D

But know, as I chilled down, I felt more exhausted than ever..

I went to Manjus and Yamas room. They both were sleeping, it was totally cute. Manju got the same eye colour as Pagan, surprisingly Yama got my flashy green eyes. It's a mystery, how they could look so different, even though they are twins..

I smiled satisfied and went to my room. Pagan sat on my balcony and looked down on the garden. I sat next to him. Wait, there is the spot I got trained!

"How long are you already sitting here?"

Pagan:"Since your training started this morning. You're doing pretty good"

I went red.

"I...I didn't even notice you"

Pagan laughed.

Pagan:"You really are energetic. Maybe you even get a better assassin than Yuma?"

"...I can't tell. I haven't known her for long.."

Pagan:"That's true."

Pagan suddenly took my hand.

Pagan:"I rather got you on my side, each of us fighting for the other one's life, instead of Yuma. I'm happy how things turned out. So just stop letting it bother you."

"I still feel guilty..for everything."

Pagan:"You don't have to."

He leaned over the table and gave me a kiss, so I just stopped talking.
And breathing.

Pagan:"You got a very hard training behind you, so get your sleep. I'll wake you up for dinner."

I smiled.


He stood up, stroke my hair and left the room. As he was gone, I layed down in my bed and fell asleep immediately.

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