Chapter 26

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I sighed. Again I have to spend my time in bed. Why is there no single week in my life where I don't have any physical affections??
I looked outside the window. The sun shone in my room and it was warm. I sighed again. I'd love to see Yama and Manju.
A knock on the door interrupted my thoughts.
Surprisingly it wasn't Pagan as I expected. It was Paul.
"Paul? How...may I help you?"
Paul:"I...wanted to tell you...something."
Paul:" We spotted Yuma in the crowd.."
"What!? How...wait....ahm yes...good."
I was confused.
She died right before me! I killed that bitch! How could she be spotted?
Paul:"Still....I would like to continue your training. If Yuma leaves again we need you. And two assassins are better than one"
Paul:"Okay. Just wanted to tell you that."
I nodded.
"Oh...congratulations for you and Sheela. I heard you two are engaged."
Paul went red.
Paul got out of the room, totally angry.
I chuckled. cute xD
But I did feel a bit jealous. Will Pagan once ask me to marry him? Or what...I simply got no idea what is about to happen to my life.
Life is weird.

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