Chapter 28

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I woke up at sunset. The orange sunlight shone into the room and gently shone on Pagans blonde hair. He looked at me while he sat at his desk again.
Pagan:"You are so beautiful when you sleep."
"I love you"
Pagan smiled.
Pagan:"I know."
Pagan took my hand and smiled as his finger touched the silver ring with the saphire in it.
Pagan:"Let's have dinner. Sheela and Paul will be there too."
I nodded and got out of bed. I took a black legging and one of Pagans button down and my black converse and changed into the clothes in the bathroom. Pagan and I went down to the diining hall. As expected Sheela and Paul aready sat there. Pagan sat down and so did I.
Paul:"We need to tell you something."
Pagan:"Go on then."
Sheela:"We....are expecting a child."
I smiled.
Pagan:"Well I hope for that it is a child. When you are just expecting it to be one...."
Sheela didn't understand the joke while I began to chuckle.
Paul began to laugh.
Paul:"Oh Pagan you simply got no sense of humor xD"
I began to laugh. Now Pagan looked around confused.
We began to eat and talked.
Slowly the evening passed by and we were finished with eating and smalltalk at 1:34 am.
Pagan:"Of course you too can sleep here. Paul you got your room."
Paul went a little red and looked at Sheela.
I'd love to hear the story behind that xD
I stood up.
"I'm sorry, but I need to get to my room. I want to continue with my training as soon as possible. So I need to rest."
Sheela:"Me too. Since....yeah you know..."
I smiled.
Pagan:"I and Paul will stay here a bit longer."
I and Sheela got out of the dining hall.
Sheela:"Are you two engaged?"
" do you know?"
Sheela showed me a selfie of Pagan where he shows his hand with ring on it.
"He posted that on Instagram?"
Sheela:"Jup. With the hastags #engaged #Iloveray #happyfather"
I began to laugh.
"Thats totally him."
Sheela grinned.
"Soo here is Pauls room."
We stopped walking.
"Have a good night you two."
Sheela smiled.
Sheela:"Have a good night Ray."
She went in the room and closed the door. So I went to my room. I could hear Paul and Pagan talking through the open window.
Pagan:"So he is already this close? Hm, he got the same anger as Mohan..."
Paul:"Pagan you need to do something! Yuma is gone and Ajay is only one village away!"
Pagan:"Don't worry I know what I'm doing."
I listened closely. Then I shook my head and closed the window.
"I'm sure they got their reason why they don't tell me that. Spying isn't right."
I layed down in my bed and read a book.
"Purple Heart" .....I heard of this before.
While reading I fell asleep.

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