Chapter 1

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I sat in a bus. The air was hot and it was hard to breathe. I don't know if it was because of the hot temperature or the smell. I sat with two men and a woman in the bus. I didn't see the driver. Maybe I was too focused what the man next to me did. As the other man checked the passport, I was able to hear the mans name. Ajay Ghale. Well, I think my mother mentioned that name once, but I couldn't really figure it out. Maybe it was just my imagination. As Ajay passed a passport to the woman, the monkey raised his hand to get it. He got a slap. I chuckled. Well, I wouldn't want that woman to be my enemy in a fight... I looked outside the window. Then I had a terrible feeling. Somethings wrong. I looked at Ajay, thought maybe he felt the same strange feeling. He just looked sadly at the ashes of someone he really liked. I wanted to say something uplifting but I could just not shake of that weird feeling. "Somethings wrong...". I said it before I knew whats wrong. The guys looked out of the window. Men with guns opened the fire. I stood up an got my way through the many things on the ground. I went out of the bus and...


My sight was blurred and I felt pain all over my body. As my sight cleared a bit, I raised my head. A big piece of the wrecked bus layed over me. I felt squeesed as an ant. As I saw my tshirt, I almost threw up. Something sharp stuck in my stomach, I wasn't able to move. I looked around. I saw the helicopter and Ajay. And a weird blonde guy. I couldn't hear them talking, they were too far away to understood their words.
Wait, did they just took a selfie?! I mean, that guy just...killed someone. How can he be so calm?!

I was confused. But most of my concentration took the wound in my stomach how am I supposed to get that thing away from me?

I tried to lift the wrecked piece, but I wasn't srong enough. Well, I didn't expected to be. So I layed on the ground. Unable to moove.
Geez, I think I'll die here. That's a great start at Kyrat...

Suddenly the piece got lifted. I saw a piece of glass got stuck in my stomach making me feel so much pain. I tried to stand up.

"Shshshsh, calm down. You would make it worse standing up now.", the blonde guy said. He reminded me of the gay guy who always visited my parent's restaurant.

"Any worse than that?" I replied.

He just laughed.
Goddamit, not again..

That were the last thoughts before everything went black.

(Heyy. I hope you liked the Intro scene. I think Ray sounds like a bitch xD but I'll be working on yeah. Thanks a lot for reading :) )

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