Chapter 12

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I got carried back to the doctors house, my hand was still bleeding. I noticed it, before the window stood a guard and two in front of the door. I just burried my face in Ajays chest, I knew I did everything wrong.

Ajay:"I understand that you wanted to leave. And I'm not angry that you tried. After all what happened to you, I would've wanted to go away too."

"You don't understand. There happened much more."

Ajay:"Well, so I don't."

"I'm sorry......."

Ajay:"Just lay down on bed and...I can't say get better soon....that's awful."

"Yeah....I guess I have to stay here for 9 months....."

Ajay:"Even I can't tell what Sabal and Amita are up to."

He layed me down on my bed and covered me with a blanket. I looked at him.

Ajay:"Sleep now okay? Here's your phone"

He gave it to me.


I looked at my phone. Again I got a message from Pagan. This time it was more shocking than nice.
Dear Ray. I know where you and Ajay are. I know that you're pregnant. And I know you betrayed me. Why? We were happy, or weren't we? Why do you have to mess everything up? And why with Ajay? Well, I'll get you. Because still, after all that, I love you.
No matter who's child you're carrying. Xoxo Pagan

I was shaking.
He got it totally wrong! He thinks it's.......from Ajay?!

I had no time for a message. So I called Pagan.










Pagan:"Dear girl don't ruin my ear."


Pagan:"Why are you calling? I told you that I'll pick you up."

"Pagan you got it wrong! The got nothing to do with Ajay! I only....slept"

I was blushing. Damnit.

Pagan:"Oh really? I thought that you and Ajay...yeah. The look on his face. At the table. And..never mind."

"I know. But I only love you."


I heard severel footsteps.

"Look I'm captured by the Golden Path. They're coming to my room. I got to hang up. I love you"

Pagan:"See ya in about....20 minutes"


I quickly stood up and layed the phone locked on the table. Than I layed down in bed and covered me with the blanket. I closed my eyes and pretended to sleep.

Amita:"She's asleep."


Amita:"But, something tells me that there's something wrong."

Sabal:"Yeah. You and your woman skills"

Amita:"Shut up."

Ajay came into the room.

Ajay:"Ah finally"

Amita and Sabal left the room. Sabal grumbled.

Amita:"Sabal you're an old grumpy cat. Get your shit together."


You heard screaming from the outside.

I opened my eyes.

"Ajay what's going on?"

Ajay was pale.

Ajay:"I don't know!"

I stood up and grabbed my things.

"Let's look outside"

The window was covered so I couldn't see outside.

Ajay grabbed my hand and got me out. The guards in front of the door were gone.

"That doesn't look good."

We ran outside the house. Some houses burned and the usually so wonderful blue sky was covered by smoke.

I got grabbed from the behind.


It was one of Pagans soldiers.

They also grabbed Ajay, but the guard needed two comrads to grab him. We got pushed towards the helicopter. And there sat Pagan. Totally chilled. And not giving a f*ck about the village.


He looked at me. Cold and loving at the same time.
How is he doing that?

I got hugged by him. He burried hid nose in my hair and I could feel his heart beating really fast.

"I missed you. So much."

I said with cracking voice. Because I was about to cry.

He just hugged me and I hugged back.

Hoping this moment lasts forever.

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