» Epilogue

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---- [Proof god is dead] ----

T: Best friend checkkk

T has added K into chat [Proof god is dead]

K: Tim! Hello!
T: hi kon I love u
K: I love you too Tim!
J: disgusting.
D: oh we're doing a best friend check??

D has added B into chat [Proof god is dead]

B: Dick what did I say about adding me into this hellhole
D: that u love me very much and value my interests
B: Oh? We value each other's interests now? So when I wanted to get Starbucks the other day and you said no that was valuing my interest?
D: if I go to Starbucks with u will u stay in the chat
B: deal :) I love you
D: I love u too babes
W: I wish I could come for coffee but I'm studying for a test :((
B: We'll bring you coffee walls!!
W: Dickie I love ur best friend

W has added A into chat [Proof god is dead]

W: Arty!!
A: No.

A has left the chat.

W: I want a new best friend
R: At least you have a best friend. All my friends are in this chat already.
B: it's bc ur an alcoholic
K: Roy have you tried not yelling at everyone you meet right away??
D: RoyBoy I'd be ur bestfriend but Babs and I signed a contract so ://
T: hahah loser
R: at least Jay knows how I feel. Right Jay?
J: the fuck? No

J has added C into chat [Proof god is dead]

J: this is Cass, I love her
C: I am Cass ( ' ▽ ' )ノ
C: Jason's ok ig
T: Cass!!
C: I would die for Timothy tho
K: Big mood
T: <3
W: why are there so many people in our chat now??
W: no offence new ppl ur great
B: "new people" Wally I've known you since I was 14
T: gross, imagine knowing Wally
D: I will not tolerate this harassment of my husband. He's done nothing wrong in his life ever
R: we know this and we love him
K: Literally we met because u guys disobeyed direct orders, broke into a burning building, technically kidnapped me, then sent said building crumbling to the ground
D: we didn't kidnap you, you were a willing participant in the crumbling of that building
K: idk p sur u kidnapped me
D: Timmy what have you done to him
T: Kon but make him ✨kool✨
C: This group chat is going to be a mess
B: With these idiots? That's guaranteed

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