|Left On Read|

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Sequel to Text Me Back



Various "texts" in the following story are taken from text posts, vines, books, videos, and other media, I own only a few and take no credit for the others.

Most small grammatical errors are intentional and are there to make the characters and conversation feel more realistic.

Every fifth chapter (5, 10, 15, etc) is a "written chapter," meaning they are story formatted and based off a text chosen by the readers based on votes on the previous four chapters.

The first chapter takes place around the point of Chapter 10-12 in Text Me Back, but you don't have to have read TMB to understand Left On Read.


Tim and Jason aren't exactly fond of each other, and it makes for some pretty interesting conversations.



J = Jason Todd
T = Tim Drake
D = Dick Grayson
W = Wally West
R = Roy Harper


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Started: 10/01/2019
"Left On Read"
Written by: Cookiethife


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