» Chapter 25

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---- From chapter 21 ----

D: So...
W: Now that you guys are together....
J: Hoes don't do it
D: We have some receipts we'd love to share with the class
T: Wait no
T: Dickie don't
W: "have you ever looked at Timmy and just gasped a little at how pretty he is?" - Jay
D: "his jawline could honestly murder me. Who allowed that prick to have such a nice face shape. Fuck him." -Timmy
T: Awwww
J: This is slander
D: "Honestly if being thrown to the ground means I can touch Jason's muscles then who the fuck am I to refuse that honour" -Timmy (on multiple occasions)
W: "Do you think Timmy knows how cute he is? Cause It should be fucking illegal. Like ok Timato your eyes sparkle like the stars in the sky and your voice sounds like havens harps or something WHATEVER" - Jay
D: "His dumbass hair just looks so soft I just wanna run my fingers through his hair and tell him how much he means to me" - Timmy
W: And the best one...
W: "I know Timmy and I didn't always get along and sometimes we still don't, and I'm still kinda new to this whole "place to call home" thing but honestly I could wake up to him of them every morning and then have nice quiet mornings watching him have three cups of coffee and smiling across the table at me and what I'm trying to say is I love Tim Drake so much you might as well call me Conner Kent" - one Jason. Peter. Todd
J: I'm coming to your house and I'm killing you and all your plants.
D: The best you say? Are you forgetting;
D: "You never realize how you feel about someone until they're staring you in the face with a look that makes you think maybe it doesn't matter that you didn't get to watch that whale shark documentary after all" - Timmy
T: iM tHroWinG mYseLf OfF a BriDgE


Tim didn't realize it was morning until there was a politely potent knock high against the solid mahogany wood of his bedroom door. Usually, Alfred let him "sleep in"- which they both knew really meant "lay in bed unable to get up for hours"- but today his thickly British voice resounded from the out in the hallway, "Master Timothy-"

"I'm up, Alfred," he answered back, dazed, before Alfred could finish, hearing his own voice distantly as he came back into reality. He winced when he realized he'd cut Alfred off, so he added, "thank you," to the end of his sentence.

"Very well, sir," Alfred said back, not sounding upset at being interrupted, "breakfast is prepared and awaiting you in the main dining room." Tim opened his mouth to decline, the idea of eating anything far-off and unappealing, but Alfred went on before he could say anything, adding, "Master Bruce has requested your presence," and sealing Tim's fate.

"Right," Tim sighed, clearing his throat and repeating himself more clearly, "right. I'll be down in a minute."

Alfred didn't say anything in response, and Tim let his head fall back onto his pillow as he heard the butler's footsteps growing farther and farther down the hall. He rubbed his eyes, looking at the phone in his hand and really seeing it for the first time in hours. His screen was open to TikTok, and he closed it to the home screen before he could get lost in the repetitive motion of scrolling dumbly for hours again, then pressed the power button on the side twice. According to his lock screen, backed by a picture of Jason looking vaguely annoyed in the direction of the camera, it was 7 am on a Saturday. Odd, he'd been sure it was Friday.

He brushed his hand across the bedsheets to the left of him and found the other side of the bed to be cold. Jason had had the fourth watch last night, then. He was probably already in the kitchen eating all of the breakfast sausages he knew Tim liked.

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