Chapter 27 So Lucky!

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Eyeless Jack P.O.V
"Jack," she said my name.
"Yes?" I asked.
"T-tell the girls...... I l-love them." she finished her sentence and her eyes focused on the wall which made me nervous,
"(Y/N)?" I said her name, she didn't move.
"(Y/N)!" I said her name again this time louder.
Someone came up from behind me and pulled me backwards.
"Sir, I need you to leave." said one of the doctors. I was walked out of the hospital, she can't be dead! She can't be dead! She can't be dead!
Jane P.O.V
I watched as they escorted Jack out of the hospital, he was screaming in fury. I walked over to (Y/N),
"(Y/N).... come on! Your not dead." I told her. I saw a doctor walk by and ran after him,
"Excuse me! But my friend in there... she isn't.... Dead is she?" I asked with a shiver of concern and worry running up my spine.
"I don't know, this usually happens after quadruplets." He told me and then sped off, I ran back into the other room. I looked in to see Jeff, wide eyes looking at (Y/N) he turned to me,
"She can't be d-dead, she has four daughters to look after!" He said looking at me still, my anger and rage to kill him melted away at the sudden moment of sadness I saw in his eyes, fighting isn't going to solve anything! (Y/N) wouldn't want that! I had to tell myself that in order to keep calm.
"I-I'm sorry, I think she is....." I said trailing off. he put his head down. I did the same.
We had been in the room for an hour, (Y/N) was dead and the doctors wanted us to leave soon.
"Come on Jeff." I told him.
"We have to leave." I said. His head drooped again.
"Those poor girls will never get to see their mother." he said as we started to walk out. We were on the other side of the door, when..... I think I heard a gasp! I ran into the room to see (Y/N)'s eyes were open and she was breathing again.
"How?" I said when I saw her looking better than ever. she smiled at me,
"I'm special. remember?" She said and winked at me. I'd completely forgot about that, she was special she could come back from the dead and relive her life.
I was so happy! I walked over to the bed,
"I-I can't believe it!" I said unable to keep the smile off my face. (Y/N)'s lit up when she looked around the room and must have remembered the girls,
"How are they?" She asked her eyes glowing with happiness.
"They are absolutely beautiful!" I said.
"I only got to see three, how's the fourth?" She asked me. I giggled a little.
"(Y/N), you had them all cradled in your arms. You saw the fourth!" I told her and she smiled.
"Oh ya, I forgot about that." she said a smile was sparkling along with the glow of her eyes. I forgot about Jeff who currently thought (Y/N) was dead, so did Jack. he is going to be so happy when he finds out she is alive! I thought to myself as I ran down the hallway after telling (Y/N) I'd be back. I got to the parking lot where Jeff and Jack were standing by the car their faces in their hands. I ran over to them,
"She's alive!" I told them, they both looked up, I could tell they were happy when they ran towards the front doors of the hospital. I ran after them unable to control the joy which was coming off me.
I walked into (Y/N)'s room to see Jack knelt down next to the bed.
Your P.O.V
I was in the hospital room when someone exploded into the room, I jumped a bit and relaxed when I saw Jack.
"Hi-" I was cut off when Jack gave me a hug, I smiled and hugged him back.
"I thought you were gone!" He told me.
"Now, how could I leave you with four girls?" I asked smiling up at him.
"I have a question about that," he told me but didn't ask me yet as if he was waiting for me to say ok.
"Ok." I said.
"They are all girls? How is it that you've gotten this lucky to first get pregnant, then find out it's quadruplets, and then finding out they are all girls?" He asked me smiling.
"I don't know." I told him. I was lucky! All that and on top of that I'm still alive. how.... HOW did I get that lucky?
"What are you going to name them?" Jane asked me.
"I have an idea." I said,
"But of course i need to see them." i said.
"Not yet," the doctor walked into the room and told me I couldn't see the girls till we all went home in three days.
"I can wait as long as I still get to see them in the end!" I told the doctor.
"Now, she needs to get some rest. You can come and visit her any time except now. she is very exhausted from that and she needs the rest." he told Jack, Jane, and Jeff.
"Good bye." they all said leaving the room. Jack had kissed my forehead before he left and i soon fell asleep after realizing how tired I was. They are right, I am lucky!
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