Chapter 13 Leaves

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Your P.O.V
Was that all I'm capable of? Getting into to trouble? Making people worry? You asked yourself the day after you killed the two men that had jumped out of the car and tried to drug you again.
It was morning and all you wanted to do was sit in your room and stare out the window, looking at the trees again. although they brought a cold feeling to you, you still enjoyed their beauty. The red cardinals really added to the colors, they made the trees look even more lovely and peaceful.
The leaves were starting to fall from the trees on to the ground as the chilly wind blew across their beautiful leaves. Sally was outside with Masky and Hoodie, they were playing in a leaf pile they had made not too long ago. I was never allowed to! She never let me jump in the leaves.... you remembered your mothers words,
"Don't jump in the beautiful leaves.... just watch them!" She had told you on a nice, cool fall day when the leaves were fluttering around in the air as the wind stirred the peace. Fall was one of the best seasons! The color, the fun, the nice weather all the time! It was hard to decide which season you preferred though, all of them had their unique positives.
I would have to leave the room eventually I suppose....
You slowly got up from the chair which you had set by your window to look out of, you moved the chair back to the corner from which you had found it and walked into the hallway.
I think I'll skip breakfast today.
You said to yourself as you walked by the kitchen, the amazing smell of bacon was wafting over to you. Unfortunately you weren't hungry.
Jack popped out in front if you from behind the corner which was next to the front door.
"Do you want to go outside?" He asked.
"Actually I was on my way out." You tell him smiling.
"then I'll, come with you." he said and opened the door for you, you couldn't help but replace the fading smile with another. As you walked out he followed, and grasped your hand and walked beside you, matching you stride for stride.
He was walking you towards a leaf pile which the wind had created and oddly enough, it was fairly tall! You stopped in your footsteps and he looked back,
"Well, I don't know if I want to go in there....." you say,
"After you!" You finished the rest of the sentence and ran ahead of Jack jumping into the tall leaf pile.
You tumbled in and you were now sitting in what must have been the middle of the leaf pile, surrounded by leaves on every side of you. You heard footsteps pounding towards the pile and you backed out of the pile into the fresh air, the cold breeze blowing your hair back.
Jack popped out of the leaf pile and looked up,
"There you are!" He said.
"Here I am." you said back.
He looked down at you and he picked out all of the leaves which were stuck in your hair.
You stepped a little to the side and reached up for his mask, but instead of kissing him you dodged into the leaves again, you smiled at him as you fell into the leaves. You sat in there, for a minute and once again heard the footstep coming towards you, you jumped out of the other side right as Jack jumped in.
You looked down into the leaves, a rustle came from the pile and Jack exploded from the pile and grasped you in a hug. You lifted up your arms and placed then around his neck, hugging him back. He looked down into your eyes. Was he smiling? You wondered.
He let go of you a moment later and you jumped in the pile again, disappearing from sight. You waited for him to jump in, but something grabbed your ankle, you turned to see a hand and it pulled you from the leaf pile right as Jack jumped in. The hand drug you into the woods.

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