Chapter 29 Power

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Up above is Jasmine as a kid, adorable right?
Your P.O.V
I was sitting on the couch while everyone else was asleep, I had just put the girls down for bed. I couldn't go to sleep though, how are they getting so big so fast?!?! I couldn't help but ask myself. The four girls were now about four years old and it's only been six months.
I kept thinking to myself when after a little while longer I heard someone walking down the stairs and over to the couch. It was Jack, he sat down next to me and swung his arm around me. "Something wrong?" He asked me, I could hear the concern in his voice.
"Just thinking about the girls, they are getting so big so fast!" I explained to him.
"Ya, they are. I almost can't believe it!" He told me. I leaned my head on his shoulder.
"I love them. I love you." I said to him and looked up smiling, I lifted up his mask and kissed him. I still get that sparking feeling deep down when he kissed me. I thought as my lips touched his. I pulled apart when I heard more foot steps coming down the stairs, it sounded like bunches of little feet thrumming towards us, my eyes widened and I turned to see the girls running towards us. They jumped onto the couch and crawled over us to sit on our lap. I laughed, I couldn't help it! They all looked up and smiled.
"Shouldn't you be sleeping?" I asked giving them all a stern look which also held a hint of happiness.
"How could we sleep when we are up in our room listening to you guys talk?" Jasmine was the first to answer, I couldn't help but chuckle at her retort.
"Ya, so we decided that we couldn't sleep and we wanted to come and see you!" Said Rosemary, they all smiled up at us.
"You guys can't stay up all night." I told them.
"Not all night, just for as long as you stay up!" Valorie told us giggling.
"So I have a bedtime now?" I asked laughing a little to myself.
"Yep!" It was Violet who answered last. I chuckled,
"When's that bedtime then?" I asked them smiling.
"Now!" They all said and grabbed my hands and drug me upstairs, laughing the whole way there.
I took them up to their room, well..... more like they took me up to their room. Each of them jumped into their bed and ordered me to stay in there till everyone was asleep.
It felt like hours! I finally noticed that I was nodding off and I got up from the chair I was currently sitting in and walked over to the door, taking a quick look at the girls, and closed the door behind me. I walked all the way down to my room and saw Jack walking towards me, I was about to open my door when his arms wrapped around my waist, I turned. He had no mask on and I couldn't help but smile. I love seeing his face!
His face wasn't far from my face when his lips crashed on to mine. It started getting a little intense after a bit so I pulled away and smiled at Jack,
"We wouldn't want to have any more would we? I asked and opened the door to my room and stood in the doorway,
"Love you, night." I said and closed the door.
I heard chuckling behind the door and I smiled. I ran over to my bed and jumped in. I didn't bother with getting under the covers, it was kind of warm in the room anyways. I put my hands under my pillow and my face on it and slowly drifted to sleep, unable to stop smiling.
Jasmine P.O.V
She had just left the room when I blinked open my eyes and smirked. I dropped out of the bed and hopped up to my feet. I looked from side to side, everyone's asleep. Why can't I? I can tell there is something I want to do. but what..... I couldn't remember what i was on my way to do. I just stood there, a little confused to what I should do. I smiled and walked over to a bed with Valorie silently snoring. Who snores at this age? I thought to myself and shrugged it off. I walked over a little further, Valorie's long red hair had fallen off the bed and was now dangling there, just waiting for me to yank her hair. I didn't do it knowing we would wake everyone up when she screamed. I jumped on to the bed next to Valorie,
"Val, wake up." I whispered while shaking her, she didn't get up, she just moaned a tired moan and started snoring again. I rolled my eyes and jumped off the bed, I jumped on to Violet's bed and started shaking her violently,
"Violet! Wake up!" I whispered/yelled in Violets ear, she rolled over and toppled me off the bed sending me falling off the bed with a little thud as I hit the floor. i glared up at her and moved over to Rosemary's bed,
"Rosemary! Wake up!" I whispered/screamed in her ear, her eyes flicked open and she looked startled and relaxed when she saw me.
"What are you doing?" She asked with a yawn.
"I can't sleep, let's go outside and do something." I told her with a smile appearing on my face.
"Go back to sleep." She ordered me and flopped a pillow over her head.
"Ok... you asked for it," I said and pushed her off the bed,
She hit the floor and I peeked over the edge of the bed, she glared up at me, she had managed to drag a pillow down with her. she laid down on the wooden floor and put the pillow under her head.
"Do you honestly want to play this game with me?" I asked challenging. she didn't move,
"Challenge accepted!" I said and stuck my pointer finger in my mouth and then down into her ear.
"Ew!" She said in disgust and cleaned out the wetness from her ear.
"I warned you." I said and moved my head from side to side. She gave me the death glare,
"Go to sleep already!" She yelled at me and jumped on the bed and stood up, she looked down at me her eyes were red. She placed her hand on her chest and all of a sudden a pillow lifted up in mid air. I slowly turned my head to look at the pillow.
"Oh n-" I was cut off when a pillow knocked me to the floor and hit me repeatedly to the face. The pillow dropped and I looked up to the bed to see Rosemary's hair was lifted out like the wind was blowing it and her hand still on her chest, her eyes glowed with anger and she looked down at me. My eyes widened,
"Rosemary! Y-you can control stuff with you hand or whatever your doing!" I exclaimed in amazement. Her hand fell from her chest and she looked down at her hands her hair fell down to dangle at her side as she looked down at her hands,
"Go to sleep Jasmine." she gave me the order again and face planted into another pillow.
Afraid of being pelted with pillows again I obeyed and jumped into my bed. does that mean we all have a special power? I thought hopefully as I drifted to sleep.
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