Chapter 10 No Sleep

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Eyeless Jack P.O.V
She smiled, and looked up blushing.
"Thanks!" She said still blushing. We were now back in the hallway.
"You really think I'm pretty?" She asked me smiling.
"Yes." I said hardly getting the words out. She looked down at her feet smiling then looked back up,
"You are a really great guy!" She told me.
"Your the most amazing girl I've ever met!" I told her feeling a bit more confident.
She reached up for my mask, and pulled it up a bit, and then she did something I hadn't expected....... she kissed me! She didn't fear me? Or despise me like most girls?
She backed away smiling, and pulled my mask back down, she was blushing again. We sat there for a moment.
"Well, good night." I said still smiling under my mask. She was about to close her door,
"Jack?" She called my name before I closed the door.
"Yes?" I asked opening the door.
"I love you." she told me sweetly.
"I love you too!" I said back to her.
She walked over to me and hugged me.
"Thank you, for everything!" She said still holding on tight. I hugged her back,
"Anything for you!" I told her.
"Your my everything!" I said looking down at her as she kept her arms tightly wrapped around me. She let go, a smile across her face,
"Good night." She said still smiling, and yet neither of us opened the door.... we just stood there looking at each other. She turned around and opened her door, I lifted up my mask and put my hand on her shoulder, when she turned my lips hit her's. She didn't move away!
After a little while longer I stepped back and smiled, my mask still up. She smiled back,
"There's that amazing smile of yours!" She said.
"It has always been there, ever since the first day you came here." I told her. She walked through her door and turned,
"So, does this mean?" She asked.
"I guess so." I said unable to look away.
"That is all I needed to hear." she said smiling that beautiful smile of hers.
"Now, we should probably get some sleep eventually." She told me. I smiled,
"Ok, good night." I said.
"Good night." she said smiling, and she closed the door. I walked into my room, I knew I wouldn't be able to sleep! How could I? No sleep tonight.

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