Chapter 34 Date?

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Jasmine P.O.V
I woke up in my bed and remembered everything from the previous day, had I really been asleep the the whole day yesterday and part of today?
I jumped out of the bed and something landed on the floor, a piece of paper which had fallen from my.... pocket. Had he placed that in my pocket for me to find? I picked the note off the floor and unfolded it.
If you want me to answer your questions, come to the Mexican restaurant which isn't far from the grocery store.
Come at 7:30pm.
Dress nice too!
I read through the note and realized I was smiling I shook the smile from my face and placed the note under my pillow so the other girls wouldn't find it and read it. I wouldn't want them coming to the restaurant while I'm there! I've heard they have good food though and I am willing to go if it means I get free food!
I walked down the stairs and walked to the couch where Jeff, Ben, Masky, Hoodie, and dad were all sitting and they looked in my direction, why were they all looking at me like that? I asked myself but I didn't want to say it aloud in case they answered me and then asked a question which I didn't want to answer right now,
"So," Jeff started like he was my dad.
"Who was that boy carrying you back to the mansion?" He finished the rest of the question, I should have known they would ask!
"It was just some guy at the grocery store who happened to be there and I showed him the way to the mansion." I lied to them.
"Why would you tell him where the mansion is?" I heard my dad's voice from under the mask he was wearing.
"I couldn't get home by myself. Don't worry is a friend and he won't use it against us!" I tried to reassure them but it didn't work.
"When did you have the time to make friends?" Masky was the next to ask a question.
"I have the time to make friends every Wednesday when I go to the store everyday and get groceries! He is a friend from the store!" I kept lying which if they found out I was I would be in a lot of trouble! They still didn't look convinced but they left me alone and decided to go back to doing what ever they were doing a minute ago. I sat down next to them and just got lost in thought.
I snapped back to reality when i heard someone come through the door, it was Valorie she stormed over to me with a look of anger on her face,
"Who was the boy?" She asked me anger and concern in her gaze, was she mad at me or him? I asked myself.
"He is one of my friends don't worry Val." I told her and her shoulders relaxed a bit but she still looked upset.
"Why did he have to carry you home?" She asked another question I could hear the anger vanishing from her tone.
"I fell asleep at the store." I lied to her and it felt wrong. We were two of the four, I didn't have to lie to her.... did I? I asked myself and then decided I couldn't take the chance of her finding out. I smiled,
"I'm ok Val, he didn't hurt me." I told her and she was completely relaxed now, all doubt vanishing from her gaze and she smiled back,
"Good!" She said and walked away up the stairs I'm guessing on her way to our room.
By the time I was done reassuring Val I realized it was 5:49pm, how did time go by so fast? I wondered but didn't bother to think about it. I ran upstairs to the room and started looking through our closet, we all wore the same size so it didn't matter if I used their clothes, of course they might be angry but I wouldn't be! I grabbed Valorie's dress and put it on and pulled my hair back into a pony tail and put a bow in my hair. It looked ok, I was in kind of a hurry considering I still had no idea where this place was even though he told me it was near the grocery store. was this a date? I couldn't help but wonder and noticed I smiled at the thought.
"Stop smiling!" I Yelled at myself and ran down the stairs and out the door, for.... we a date I guess!
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