Chapter 32 Wrong Girl

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Rosemary P.O.V
I was in bed when I heard someone yell, I walked down the stairs to see mother on the floor, and Jasmine was placed on top of a fairly handsome boy who wasn't too much older than us.
I froze when he flipped her over and was now on top of her, was he flirting with her? I just ran down the stairs when I jumped off the last step someone had caught me in mid air, I tired to scream but a hand quickly covered my mouth. He carried me out of the mansion one hand around my waist and the other was over my mouth which silenced my cries for help as he carried me out.
He carried me into the woods, where was I going?!?!
Jasmine P.O.V
I just walked inside after walking the boy out and throwing him in the woods, I ran over to my mother who was still currently on the floor, trying to pick herself up with the help of the counter but still couldn't make it. He must have kicked her hard! I ran over to her and knelt down to help her up. She smiled at me showing she was thankful for the help and I walked her up to her room.
She was now in her bed her eyes half closed, which was proof that she was tired.
"Now stay here until your better!" I told her sternly, she looked up and smiled a tired smile.
"I will, thank you Jasmine." she thanked me and I walked out the room smiling. She will be ok. Nothing was too bad. I told myself with relief.
I then walked into the room expecting to see an angry Rosemary, but she wasn't there! The only people in the room were Valorie and Violet Rosemary wasn't there. I started to worry and pushed Violet out of the bed and she hit the floor her eyes widened with shock when she did. Then she looked up to see me,
"What is it?!?!" She asked her tone showing irritation and worry.
"!" I asked her slowly. She looked over to them empty bed,
"She must have gone down-" I didn't let her finish,
"She wasn't down stairs! I was down there all this time and I didn't see Rosemary come down!" I told her now freaking out at the thought in my head.
"Some one...." I trailed off and my eyes widened.
"Wha-" I cut her off again,
"Some broke in, I fought them off. They had a buddy, Rosemary came down for something and they took her!" I explained to myself and then realized I had said everything aloud when I looked at Violet's shocked expression.
"I need to go!" I said quickly and turned when I felt Violet grab my wrist,
"What?!?" She yelled at me the shock not leaving.
"Rosemary was kidnapped!" I yelled.
Rosemary P.O.V
The boy had taken me to a little she'd not too far from the mansion and tied me to a chair,
"I'll KILL you!" I yelled at him furiously. He laughed walking out or the shed, leaving me all by myself. Not that I wanted to see that sick man! He just kidnapped me!
Come on!!! I can do this! My hands may be bound but I can do this! I can use my powers! I have to! I told myself as I sat there. I gave it all my strength, when he walked in and stopped my concentration,
"What do you want with me?!?!" I yelled at him and started struggling in the ropes.
"I was just on my way to help the poor guy who just couldn't manage to get out of that girls grip when I saw you run down the stairs, too focused on them to even notice me. I decided that you would make a good trophy." he told me and smiled, he rubbed his thumb against my cheek and irritated with his insane way of flirting I spit in his face. he closed his eyes and lifted his head up, rubbing the saliva from his face.
I started concentrating, I felt a little tingle inside me and I opened my eyes and grinned.
"What are you grinning for?" He asked irritation edging his tone.
"You picked the wrong girl to kidnap!" And with that a knife flew from a table and stabbed him in his right shoulder and screamed in agony. I made the knife come out of the wound and stab him so hard it went through his arm and into the wall, pinning him on to the wall in pain. I untied the ropes with the powers, and I broke the glass to a window and started to climb out since he was blocking the door. I felt a hand grab me and drag me back in, cutting my arm on the glass. I turned my fury boiling up inside me when finally, I let it all out and picked up the shards of glass with my powers and made them fly at the boy and each piece stabbing him. I then climbed out the window and ran for the mansion.
Jasmine P.O.V
I ran outside into the dark with Violet following me who refused to leave me alone as i searched for Rosemary. I ran not too far and found her running towards us from the woods, well that didn't take long!
I ran up and hugged Rosemary.
"Did they hurt you?" I asked unable to keep the concern out of my voice.
"More like I hurt them." She told me giggling a little. I smiled at the thought of Rosemary getting violent. it didn't happen as much anymore. I didn't think much about that, we all just snuck back into bed. Tired from the long night and we fell asleep peacefully, or at least I did!
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