Chapter 3 No One Like Her

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Eyeless Jack P.O.V
I was waiting outside the room, waiting for (Y/N) to come out. I didn't expect her to come out any time soon. The girls around here liked to take their time and yet sometimes they were faster.
The door opened and I was kind of surprised, that didn't take long at all!
"Done already?" I asked.
"Yeah, I don't have much stuff with me." she said. She walked down the hallway, I jogged to catch up with her, making sure she didn't walk into another room by accident.
"So, what's up with Jeff? He is kind of on edge it seems." She asked trying to make conversation as we walked down the long hallway.
"He isn't always nice to the new proxies when they come here, but eventually he will get used to you and treat you like everyone else." I told her.
She nodded, I could tell she was nervous.
"Don't be nervous, everyone here is really friendly! Some are shy. But most are friendly." I said trying to make her feel less nervous.
"Before I came here all I did was kill, I had nobody to talk to, I had nobody! Every last person in my family is dead! The only reason my parents are dead is cause of me." she explained.
"We have all had something sad happen in our lives, and everyone here.... have killed many times, so don't worry, anything you've done we've done." I told her.
She gave a little smile,
"I'm happy to have people to talk to! That one year I spent killing person after person, was a sad lonely life." she told me.
"Well everything is better around here!" We got to the end of the stairs,
"If you need any help around here, just ask me." I offered.
We walked over to where everyone was sitting,
"That didn't take long!" Masky said surprised by our sudden appearance.
"I didn't have much to unpack." (Y/N) explained to him.
I sat down in the same chair I was in when she first arrived,
She seems interesting! i I thought to myself while watching her sit in the chair which was next to mine. She looked over at me, her eyes were a beautiful (Y/E), never had I seen such beautiful eyes! And her smile made me melt! She was a very nice girl! Her personality was just as beautiful as her. She had (Y/H) hair that was nice and long and swished when she turned her head, which has a hint of blond mixed in, giving it a bit of a hazel look, she had bangs that dropped a bit in front of her eyes. She was beautiful! How would I ever tell her this? I don't know if she feels the same! I looked back at her and smiled under my mask, she was absolutely stunning!
Masky must have noticed me looking at her when he walked up to me,
"She is beautiful!" He admitted.
"W-what?" I stuttered.
"I saw you looking at her, anyone who saw that must have known you fancy her!" He teased me.
I looked over to where she sat, I couldn't help but smile!
"Ok ok, but don't tell anyone. And I don't even know her well enough yet! I could change my mind!" I warned him.
Masky laughing and muttered something under his breath,
"Ok, sure." I think is what he had said, I wasn't sure.
It was getting dark, it would be time to go back to our rooms soon. I walked over to (Y/N),
"Are you going to need help finding your room again?" I asked her.
"I might." she said smiling that beautiful smile.
She stood up from her chair,
"Yes...." she said a little ashamed of herself for not remembering.
"Come on." I said.
I showed her to her room, she smiled,
"Thank you!" She said relief flooding her gaze as she stepped inside her room.
"Good night." I said.
"Good night." She replied and closed the door behind her.
I walked back to my room. Never had I met anyone like her!

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