Chapter 35 Your Name?

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Jasmine P.O.V
I was now near the grocery store looking for the restaurant, after about twenty minutes of looking I finally found the place and still had about an hour to do whatever I wanted and come back. What to do? I asked myself and stared at the stores around me. I finally decided that I would just sit on a bench and wait for him to come, after all, the only reason I came was to get answers out of the stubborn boy.
I sat there and sat there and finally I stood up and looked around for a clock inside one of the stores, surely at least one store will have a clock inside!
I walked inside a clothing store next to the restaurant, not to buy clothes but to look for a clock. Of course... there wasn't a clock in there, I think they just want girls to lose track of time in here! I told myself irritated that there was no clock and walked to the grocery store, I'd never really looked but surely they would have a clock!
I nearly screamed from happiness when I saw a big clock hung on the side of the wall, with a cage around it. The clock read 7:27pm, I froze for a minute and then ran outside, in high heels and a dress and relief flooded over me when he wasn't sitting there yet, I ran over but tripped on a rock, I was ready to fall but I never made contact with the ground, I opened my eyes which I had closed and looked to see the ground was under me but I wasn't on it... I looked down more and saw hands around my waist which I hadn't felt wrap around me before, I smiled,
"Nice timing!" I said relief escaping my voice.
"I try." he said, and then he flipped me around really fast so that I was facing him, with his arms wrapped around my waist and he was holding me there looking into my eyes with a smirk across his face. I suddenly realized I was smiling, I didn't mind right now so I just kept smiling.
"Having fun Peaches?" He asked and I just rolled my eyes,
"Far from it." I told him and turned my head away, wiping the smile off my face, I was trying to mess with him... he gently turned my head with his hand and I couldn't help but smile.
"Is that why your smiling?" He asked with a smug look on his face, he was so arrogant!
"We should get in there." he said and lifted me up really fast causing me to turn into his arm. he smiled at me,
"You just can't get enough of me, can you?" He asked his face still holding that smug smile.
"You pulled me into your arms." I told him and stubbornly pushed myself from his arms and walked towards the door, I turned back and winked just to tease him.
"I need answers, let's go!" I yelled back to him.
We sat down at table and ordered our drinks.
"Why did you take me into the men's bathroom?" I skipped all the introductions and asked my first question, I didn't understand why he brought me into the men's bathroom! He started laughing, after he sobered up he answered.
"I had to bring you somewhere and I already knew no one was going to walk in there." he explained to me.
"How did you know?" I asked confused to how he knew no one else would walk in.
"There was a Please Do Not Enter sign there I Just walked around it." he explained to me with a 'duh' look. I did remember a sign there just barely but it was there.
"Ok, why were you following me at the grocery store?" I asked.
"I just- saw you- and... decided to- follow you." he told me and I think he was..... blushing? I couldn't tell for sure. but I started giggling.
"Now, I want to ask you some questions." He told me and I smiled, I didn't have any more questions so why not,
"Ok, ask away." I told him and he smiled.
"Do you have a boyfriend?" He asked, I smiled and blushed my cheeks turning to a bright red I looked up and he had that smug smile on his face.
"No." I told him and looked up and smiled.
"Why do you ask?" I asked. he didn't seem phased by the question.
"Your cute Peaches, I just had to know!" I started blushing.
"Your such a flirt." I said and turned my head so he couldn't see me blushing. he turned my head back and smiled, No! This wasn't that smug smile it was a real knock dead smile!
"What do you say we skip the food and I take you somewhere special?" He asked and I could do nothing but agree. It was like his smile had me in a trance!
"Wait! One more question before we go!" I ordered him. and he smiled again.
"Last one!" He told me still smiling.
"What is your name?" I asked him a smile appearing across my face.
"Cameron. What's yours?" He asked me.
"Sorry remember that was the last question!" I told him and walked out the door.
I could hear his footsteps behind me and I smiled. He was soon next to me,
"Don't I at least get to know your name, Peaches?" He asked with a smirk across his face, and it wasn't the knock dead smile it was the smug look that said 'I'll know your name by the end of the night' smirk.
"Nope." I said and gave him a smile.
"Ok, I'll have your name by the end of the night anyway." he told me and looked back in front of us to watch where we walked.
"Ha! No you won't!" I said laughing.
"Ok," he started,
"I bet that by the end of the night I'll know your name, if I'm right.... I get a kiss!" He said smugly and winked at me,
"And I will win!" He said and I rolled my eyes,
"What if I win?" I asked.
"Well you won't win, but if you win you don't have to kiss me." he told me it sounded reasonable, why not?
"Ok." I looked up and winked at him,
"But you won't know my name!" I said and walked faster only to be tripped by someone's foot, I fell backwards but once again... never hit the ground. I opened my eyes and looked up to see Cameron holding me around my waist, he smiled down at me, not with the smug smile... with the knock dead smile!
"Caught you again Peaches, I think that earns me a name!" He declared, I just looked up at him and smiled.
"That's not how I play Cameron!" I said his name just to mock him. He gave me a pout face, I smiled and giggled.
He pulled me up fast and grabbed me in his arms,
"Tell me your name!" He ordered me in a playful tone. I giggled.
"No! Put me down!" I told him but he didn't set me down.
"Ok, I'll just have to do something amazing to get it out of you!" He declared and set me down only to sweep me off my feet again and carry me as if I was his wife.
"Cameron! Put me down right now!" I ordered him again but he didn't do as I told him, he carried me to a building and walked up what must have been hundreds and thousands of stairs! I'm sure Cameron was worn out but when we got to the top he looked fine. The sight was beautiful! He set me down on my feet and I walked to the balcony. He walked beside me, I couldn't believe how beautiful this was! The way the street lights glowed with the lights of the buildings just clashed into beauty!
I turned to Cameron to find a smug look on his face, but it quickly disappeared when he saw how relaxed and happy I was and he smiled a knock dead smile! I smiled back unable to hold it in.
"So wha-"
"Jasmine." I told him before he could ask.
"That's a beautiful name!" He told me and I couldn't help but smile even more.
"Now-" He Began but I already knew what he wanted so I just gave it to him, before he would finish I put my hands on his shoulders, i stood on my tip toes and kissed him, he wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me in closer.
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