Chapter 18 Birthday

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Your P.O.V
I woke up, still in my dress from the day before, I turned and saw Jack he was asleep. I looked down..... oh gosh! I thought when I saw that that my legs were laid out all the way across Jack and you don't want to know where my butt just happened to end up! I moved just a little and Jack was up. He didn't have his mask on, he looked down and blushed, my face must have been so red!
"Sleep well?" He asked.
"Yes." I said still red.
He laughed,
"You don't have to worry, I don't mind." he reassured me. I relaxed a bit.
"Did I do anything..." He didn't give me a chance to finish.
"No." he said.
I relaxed more, and rummaged through my clothes. You know someone's birthday is tomorrow. A smile appeared on my face,
"I'd be eighteen if I hadn't stopped aging when I became a proxie." I said smiling.
"You can count yourself as eighteen if you want. I don't mind." he said.
"well then I'm counting it." I said smiling.
I walked over to the closet and looked through my clothes, I picked out a purple skirt, and a black top which had some lace on the top towards the chest, I didn't bother with the belt today and put on my high heels.
"Ready?" He asked. I turned,
"Yes." I said and smiled. He took me by the hand and led me down the stairs. Jack walked over and sat by Ben,
"I'm going to go talk to Jane." I said and walked away. My hair was black by the time I found Jane.
"Hey!" She said happily and smiled.
"Hey!" I said back with the same amount of enthusiasm as Jane had.
"I think I have an idea about something new!" Jane said excited.
"Jane I'm worried!" I said quickly.
"Why?" She asked fear suddenly creeped into her voice.
"I don't know. I feel like something is going to happen in the future. something that could be either good or bad." I told her.
"Well, what happened last night?" She asked curiously.
"Nothing your thinking of, I already asked Jack and he told me I didn't do anything like that." I told her quickly.
"He might be hiding it, he might not want you to freak out." she told you.
"But anyways, let's just put that feeling behind us and work." she said trying to take my mind off it. I relaxed.
We had spent the whole afternoon working on everything and I was tired. It was dark now and I walked to my room and opened the door, less tired this time. I flopped into the bed not bothering with changing out of my skirt or closing the door. I fell fast asleep.
When i woke up Jack was next to me again, my leg was over him and I hurried to get up before he saw. He sat up when he heard me get up, he stretched a bit,
"Happy 18th birthday!" He said smiling, I smiled back and opened my closet to find a box sitting in front of me, I stopped moving and picked up the box turning to Jack,
"What's this?" I asked my heart pounding with joy.
"Open it." he said still smiling. I took off the top of the box and there was a necklace sitting there in the box, the charm on it was a heart, inside the heart were two little gems one blue and the other purple.
"T-this is amazing!" I said looking up a tear forming in my eyes, I blinked it back and took the necklace out of the box,
"Can you help me?" I asked.
He nodded and took the necklace, I pulled my hair back as he got the clasp hooked.
"Thank you!" I said looking down at it.
I hugged him, and then looked up and kissed him. I backed away after a bit and smiled.
"Now, I need to choose something else to wear!" I said turning back to my closet.
After I had chose what to wear I walked down the stairs with Jack at my side. Everyone was down stairs sitting around the tv and when they heard me coming down the all looked up. I walked over and sat by Jane, Jack sat next to me.
I looked over to the tv and all of a sudden I got a strange feeling, Jane had told me that sometimes i would be able to see what lays ahead in the future, my eyes widened in horror and somewhat happiness when I saw what was there......
Ok you guys got to admit that's a pretty good cliffhanger! What lays in the future? Comment what you think will happen. up to 165 views thanks everyone for reading! 😋 enjoy my cliffhanger.

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