Chapter 30 Wings

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Your P.O.V
Once again six months past by and the girls were ten now. They were a lot more to handle now, and they were getting older and older faster and faster soon they would be fifteen and be Slender Man's newest proxies.
Rosemary and Valorie had figured out that they had special abilities and now know who to use them. Jasmine and Violet still didn't know what theirs was, and they were starting to worry about it.
I walked up the stairs and opened the door to their room where they were all messing around.
"You guys want to see something?" I asked smiling. their eyes glowed with excitement and they all ran after me as I walked down the hallway. I got outside and I started running not too fast, I didn't want to lose them. They all ran after me. I arrived at the lake I used to train at, but hadn't been back to since the whole pregnancy thing. I turned back to the girls,
"This is where I used to train when I had these specials abilities just like you guys!" I told them and their eyes sparkled with excitement.
"Violet, come here." I told her and she slowly stepped forward looking a little nervous.
"It's ok, you are more like when I first got my powers so I want to test something," I told her, the look of fear vanished from her sight and she nodded with determination glowing in her gaze.
"Ok, I want you to walk into the water." I told her she looked up at me as though I was crazy but she didn't hesitate to run into the water, except just as I hoped she walked onto the water.
The girls gasped in shock and looked up at me. I smiled, she has that ability which is an awesome one! I thought to myself.
"I was able to do the same thing a while back, I still can too!" I said smiling. they all looked at each other.
"W-why can't i do anything?" Jasmine asked and stuttered when she did. I saw her sad little face and had to help her find what she was best at.
"You'll find out eventually." I told her and stood up unable to see her sad face anymore.
It was true... everyone except for Jasmine has found something they are good at.
Rosemary has telekinesis, although she can't use it until she puts her hand on her chest.
Violet has the powers I have which are all really neat!
Valorie found out she has the power to move water. She always has loved the water, and fire!
But poor Jasmine can't find anything she can do like them. She will find out eventually. I told myself what i have told Jasmine and turned back around.
I looked down at each of my daughters, all of them held a special roll in their little group.
Rosemary was a very responsible girl, calm too.
Valorie was just filled with energy!
Violet was just eager to learn more, or that's how she was now I have a feeling she will be much different later on.
Jasmine is the live right now kind of girl who just wanted to be the best she could be and have fun. I got lost in thought.
Rosemary P.O.V
I don't understand why I have to be here training with everyone when I already knew a bunch about my telekinesis. What more did they have to teach me? After mom had became lost in thought I too began to talk to myself in my mind. When finally I snapped back to the present when I felt water pour down my back making my hair and clothes soaked.
I turned to see Valorie giggling with Jasmine next to her. I put my hand on my chest and I felt powerful again.
Valorie P.O.V
I had just dumped a splash of water over Rosemary as Jasmine had told me to and she snapped out of thoughts and turned on me with a death glare. Her eyes were filled with rage and she pounded her hand on her chest and she started to float above the ground, her hair going up as though the gravity didn't exist. I just looked up into her angry glare,
"Oh no-" I was cut off when water came splashing out of the lake and coming down on Jasmine and I. I turned to Jasmine and glared at her. Once the water had finished coming down on us, which I didn't mind the wet feeling I just wanted a reason to bug Jasmine.
"Jasmine!" I called her name and I snapped my fingers, water came spilling out of the lake and washing over Jasmine she just looked down, realizing she upset the two of us.
She looked up, anger sparkling in her eyes. She started shooting off I didn't even know what she was saying! I noticed something that was unfolding behind her and realized they were wings. thinking there was a giant bird behind her I jumped and shoved her to the side.... nothing was there. I looked up confused and looked over to Jasmine and sure enough, there they were again! I marched over to Jasmine still pretending to be upset and turned her around. s-she had wings!
"Jasmine! Y-you have wings!" I exclaimed and mom snapped out of thoughts and Jasmine turned to look at them.
"I-I have..... I have wings!" She repeated what I said and smiled.
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