Chapter 16 Not Perfect

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Your P.O.V
The next morning I stayed up all night unable to sleep. It was time to go down and see everyone... they must be worried. I walked to the closet and opened the door, it was filled with black. I picked out a black skirt, and black laced shirt, I grabbed a pair of black heels, and then last of all I grabbed my long black jacket and put put it on. I looked in the mirror, I didn't usually wear black. What would everybody think?
I didn't really care much, I walked out of my room, heels are hard to walk in! I thought as I stumbled down the hallway, so cute but so much pain! It wasn't as bad as I walked down the hallway. The hallway wasn't the issue.... it was the stairs that worried me. I walked down the stairs without a problem. Everyone looked over at me and their mouths dropped open,
"Wow!" Jeff said as he looked me over.
"I forgot something I'll be right back!" I ran up the stairs and grabbed a new sword which I had found in my closet. I grabbed a black belt which holds my sword to my side and tied it to my waist and I walked down the stairs.
Everyone looked over again,
"N-new look?" Ben stuttered.
"Uh ya." I said looking down, my hair fell from behind my ears.
"You look amazing!" Jeff said looking me over.
"Uh, thanks." I said and walked over to sit down.
I sat down next to Ben with an empty seat next to me for Jack.
"So, is anything else besides your look different about you (Y/N)?" Jane asked me.
"Not that I know of." I told her.
"Here, come with me. It's best if we figure it out soon." Jane said and walked towards the door, I ran after her, then stopped I turned back and walked over to Ben,
"When Jack comes back down could you tell him I'm just outside with Jane?" I asked him.
"Sure." He said looking up at me.
"Thanks!" I yelled running outside.
Jane was outside by the woods, I ran after her.
"Where are we going?" I asked as we started walking in the woods.
"There is a pond up here and I want to test something." she told me.
"Oh, ok, cool." It didn't take long to get there. Jane stopped at the edge of the pond.
"Walk into the water." she ordered me.
"What?" I asked.
"What... into... the water." she told me again.
I didn't hesitate I slowly walked into the water except..... I didn't walk into the water.... I was on top of the water! I can walk on water?!?! I ran across the water laughing. I turned back to Jane, she was standing beside my heels, a smile was across her face.
"I've seen someone like you before! They too were able to walk on water." she explained to me.
"Really?" I asked my eyes widened and I walked over.
"Yes, they could do all kinds if things!" She told me.
"Now," she walked over to a pole,
"Jump to the top of this pole." she ordered me.
"But I-I can't jump that high!" I said
"Just try!" She said.
I did as she told me and walked over to the pole, I jumped and I was amazed by how high I had jumped and I landed on top of the pole, I stood there very still.
"I-I can jump?!?" I said smiling.
"Yes that's something else you can do since.. you know." she said looking up.
This is amazing! I stood there, the wind blowing my hair back along with my jacket which revealed my tail. I looked at my tail and my smile melted away.
"If only I didn't have this stupid tail!" I yelled angrily.
"Your tail is what is giving you your balance." Jane told me.
I guess the tail isn't that bad.
"You'll also be great at acrobats, and there is some powers you have that you need to discover soon." Jane told me.
I jumped off the pole but instead of just falling I did a flip.
"Wow!" I said smiling.
"Just come here to practice everything. it's far from the mansion and from any civilization." she informed me.
"Thanks Jane." I said putting my heels back on.
The sun was setting behind the horizon and we needed to get home before dark.
It didn't take too long to get home. I walked through the door and Jack was standing there. I walked over and hugged Jack.
"Your happy aren't you?" He said smiling.
"I feel amazing!!!" I told him.
"Good day?" He asked.
"The best!" I said.
"Thanks again Jane!"
"Your still perfect (Y/N)!" Jack told me.
I smiled,
Not perfect....

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