Chapter 31 The Break In

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Jasmine P.O.V
I couldn't believe I was now fourteen and soon to be older! It feels as though life has been short! I thought to myself and looked at my sisters, they were all beautiful, and teenagers just like me! We had all figured out a power which we inherite, all of our powers were interesting.
I liked Rosemary's powers the most though. I think she did too considering she used them to keep us quiet.
It was getting late and everyone was in bed I heard footsteps down stairs and slipped out of the bed and yawned, opening the door I silently closed it nervous of waking the others up. I walked down the hallway a little nervous now, not about waking someone up but because the noise downstairs wasn't like everyone else around here.
I heard someone gasp in pain and my eyes widened as I realized it was my own mothers gasp. I turned around the corner fury burning deep inside me as I saw a random stranger wrestling with my mother in the area separating the kitchen and living room. I sped down the stairs and ran towards him smacking into him as he was about to smack my mother across the face and we tumbled across the wooden floor and I jumped on top of them, holding his arms and legs to the ground, with my legs wrapped around him to keep him from being able to move me. I looked down into his eyes, it was a young boy and he looked up at me with fear and.......excitement? I think. I lifted his hand up and slammed it on to the hard wooden floor and glared back into his eyes, yet.... they still held a trace of excitement.
What is wrong with this boy?!?! I screamed in my mind and shoved my face close to his,
"What are you doing here attacking my mother?!?" I silently yelled at him. he just looked up and smiled.
I grabbed him by his shirt with my hands and lifted him up closer to my face, "what are you doing here?!?!" I repeated. he chuckled.
"I was out in the woods when I saw a house, it was cold out and so I walked up to the door and guess what? It was unlocked!" He spat in my face and I glared at him.
"Your mother attacked ME!" He yelled the rest in my face. I let his shirt go and he hit the floor with a thump.
"You should know not to walk into a random strangers house and expect them to not hurt you!" I yelled in his face. he smiled up at me, his smile was cute, he wasn't a bad looking boy! Sure he had managed to make it in the house and attack my mother but I couldn't help but tell myself he was cute.
I turned to see mom standing beside me with blood oozing from a cut on her head. Fury burned in my stomach as I saw the scratch, It was deep and looked bad! I turned back to him and grabbed him by his shirt pulling him up and then slamming his back against the floor knocking the breath out of him.
"Did you do that?!?!" I yelled in his face. he coughed before answering,
"She fell and hit her head, surprisingly she came back up." he told me still coughing.
"Now I know this is kind of stupid, asking you this but could you get off me?" He asked looking down at me, I just remembered my legs were wrapped around his waist to keep him from moving. it was just smart thinking! I told myself and turned back.
"I wouldn't want you flipping me away." I told him, he smirked up at me.
Was he... flirting with me?!?! The thought made me angrier! I glared and smacked him across the face, causing it to make a huge slap sound as my hand met with his cheek. He turned back to me amusement lighting his gaze. why won't he even pretend to be in pain. fury brought my wings to come out and his eyes grew big with shock,
"W-what are those?!?!" He yelled the shock refusing to leave his gaze as he looked at my wings.
"What do they look like?" I asked giving him an 'are you stupid' look. He rolled his eyes the shock starting to leave his gaze but still stood there.
"H-how-" I stopped him from finishing when I slapped him across the face again.
"I'm asking the questions here!" I yelled at him, he turned back and what he did next infuriated me even more! I didn't think it was possible! He turned gave me a smirk and winked!! How dare he?!? My grip loosened after that and without hesitating he flipped me over to the side and kicked my mom in he stomach causing her to tumble backwards and rolled over on top of me, doing the same thing I had done, the position was awkward with his legs wrapped around my waist and his hands holding down mine. I glared up at him, and he smirked down at me.
"Sorry, but I'm asking the questions now!" He told me sternly and smiled down at me.
As I laid there helpless as mother struggled on the ground her stomach not allowing her to get up, a plan formed in my mind and I hid the grin which was begging to come out.
I stopped struggling and laid there closing my eyes, I opened them and smiled up at him,
"Ok pretty boy. Ask me whatever you want." I told him smiling up at him and winked. Shock appeared on his face and his grip loosened at my flawless plan which was only flirting. his legs weren't holding on so tight and i gave no hesitation, i yelled and kneed him in his manhood and he fell over the shock gone as he laid down beside me. I jumped up and glared down at him, I grabbed him by the shirt and drug him behind me like a dog.
I reached the door and yanked him up and pulled my hand from his shirt and to the back of his neck and tightened my grip to make sure he followed and started walking towards the woods, I threw him out there and glared at him.
"Don't ever come back, or next time... I'll kill you!" I threatened and walked back to the mansion. I glanced behind me and saw him starring after me a look of disappointment on his face, I can't be this cruel to him! He only wanted the warmth! I thought taking pity on him and gave him a wink as I kept walking. A wink I actually meant this time, and his face which had been filled with disappointment was now perky and he smiled at me. that boy better not come back, I don't need to fall in love!
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