Chapter 37 Dont Leave

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Rosemary P.O.V
It's been about two months since Jasmine's date with Cameron I only know about the date because Violet decided she had to spill to someone and she knows I keep secrets. I found out that his name is Cameron because I talked to Jasmine about it, and she was mad at Violet for a while but soon forgave her.
Last month, this guy has been trying to take us away, mom says his name is Zalgo which we all started laughing when she said the name... it had a funny affect!
Yesterday.... he got Valorie. All I've been trying to do since was get her back and now I will, I know it isn't really a long time that I've been looking considering it was only yesterday when she was taken, but since I'm her sister.... it feels like it's been forever! I feel guilty whenever I stop looking, and I know exactly how to keep Zalgo away from the others and it is a lot to pay but for my sisters I'll do it!
I walked out the door and then the stairs to find Violet and Jasmine sitting on the couch and they looked up,
"Hey Rosemary." they both greeted me.
"Hi," I said and kept walking towards the door. They ran to catch up and were soon beside me.
"Where are you going?" Violet asked.
"Mom told us not to go out there till it is safe." Jasmine said and grabbed my arm causing me to stop I snapped my head back fury boiling deep inside me.
"Jasmine! You go out to see Cameron when ever you want! Now if you excuse me! I'm going to go find Valorie!" I said and ripped my arm from her grip I could feel their stares burning into my back and then footsteps. Violet was on my right side in a second and Jasmine on my left.
"We want to help!" Violet told me. I looked at her.
"Ok, but you are not to stop me from doing anything! Got it?" I snapped. They both nodded their heads and we walked away.
"How do you know where Zalgo is keeping her?" Jasmine asked.
"I asked Jane about Zalgo and she told me everything, where he lived, why he took people, and he told me a story about mom." I explained to them how I knew as we walked through the woods.
"Oh." they both said.
It didn't take long to get to the castle like place where Zalgo lived. I walked to the door and kicked it open stepping inside. I saw an open door leading to some stairs and ran down them to find Valorie tied to a chair unconscious. I jumped off the railing and landed next to Valorie and untied the knots keeping her to the chair. I finally untied the last knot and helped Valorie over to Jasmine and Violet.
I turned around to look for Zalgo but that didn't take long considering he was right in front of me.
"Zalgo! Today is your final day or torturing my family!" I yelled up at him and glared. he laughed,
"I have the power!" I yelled up at him and his eyes snapped open and he looked down at me,
"You are lying!" He accused me like a little eight year old.
"No, I have the power! The power to send you away!" I yelled some more.
"You won't do it!" He told me calmly,
"You wouldn't pay the price to send me away." he said laughing now.
"It's a large price to pay! But I will put my own life at risk before I put theirs at risk!" I yelled up at him and he stopped laughing and looked down at me seriously.
"Rosemary! You didn't tell us you would die on this mission!" Jasmine yelled.
"You can't just leave us!" Violet called back. I was starting to feel guilty but I couldn't let their words change my mind.
"We-we need you!" Valorie called over to me but I ignored them knowing it was for their own good.
"I'm giving my life to save yours! Don't fight me over this i have made up my mind!" I called back a tear rolling down my cheek. I could hear their footsteps running towards me and I moved one hand over to them to put up a see through wall to keep them away, tears were streaming down their cheeks as they yelled. I turned back, he looked worried.
I threw my hand in front of me causing him to stay still and started saying the words, over and over again and finally he dropped to the floor, and so did I.
Valorie P.O.V
We watched in horror as Rosemary and Zalgo dropped to the ground, we ran over to Rosemary and knelt down next to her,
"Rosemary?" I whispered, her eyes blinked open just barely.
"I-I did this for y-you!" She said,
"I l-love you a-all." she said and smiled, one last tear rolled down her cheek and her eyes closed.
"Rosemary?" I called her name,
"Rosemary!" We were all soon yelling her name and crying.
"She-she is dead." I said and started crying more.
We had carried Rosemary back to the mansion and set her body on the couch and cried.
Rosemary P.O.V
I had followed Jasmine, Violet, and Valorie who were all crying on their way back to the mansion where they laid my body on the couch and cried more, mom and dad came down the stairs and mom started crying, dad just looked disappointed that he couldn't save me.
"She said she had to do it to save the rest of us." Jasmine whimpered to my mom and they all started crying more.
"I just want them all to know I love them." I said aloud even though I knew no one could hear me.
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