Chapter 25 So Happy!

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Eyeless Jack P.O.V
It's been two months since (Y/N) started acting weird, she won't tell me why. She just tells me that everything is ok and not to worry.
"How am I not to worry?" I ask her every time something happens I get more and more worried every time she tells me everything is fine. She was always eating, she felt sick in the morning.... And I think she was starting to eat a bit too much, she is starting to gain some weight... I didn't care she still looked beautiful and her arms and legs didn't get any bigger just her stomach.
She was keeping something from me! I had to try to find out what it was. (Haha men can be so clueless sometimes :D)
I ran down the stairs to find (Y/N) sitting on the couch, her stomach looked.... swollen? I walked over to her. She smiled,
"Hey, Jack? I need to tell you something." she told me slowly getting up, was she finally going to tell me what was up with her? I thought hopeful.
She walked me up the stairs and into her room and closed the door behind us.
"So you want to finally tell me what's been up?" I asked sitting on the edge or the bed. she stood up.
"You don't know what's up?" She asked me looking confused.
"No, how would I know?" I asked her.
"I don't know, maybe the fact that my stomach is swollen with triplets!" She yelled at me. I froze when she said the word..... triplets!
"triplets?" I said the word.
"Yes!!" She said it slowly.
And a bit hormonal. I thought to myself but I didn't dare say it aloud. A spark of happiness went off inside me and I stood up realizing that those must be my kids! I hugged (Y/N),
"Y-you are h-happy?" She stuttered.
"How could I not?!" I said happily and smiled.
"Wait..... when did we-" I stopped and looked down at (Y/N) who was looking awkwardly at the ceiling which suddenly seemed very interesting.
"Anyways.... how many months?" I asked, I couldn't wait to meet my kid I mean kids! I forgot there were three little darlings in there.
"I'm three months pregnant." She replied with a smile.
Just six more months till I get to see my sweet angles! I can't wait!
"Do you know is they are boys or girls?" I asked anxious to find out.
"Yes, they are all girls." she told me. I smiled, I loved the thought of having three adorable daughters.
"I can't wait to see them!" I said excitement edging my tone.
"Neither can I." She said smiling down at her stomach.
Your P.O.V
I hadn't even seen them and I already fell in love with them! I wanted them out though! I loved them and wanted to watch them grow up.
I looked down at Jack, I could tell he felt the same. My stomach was already swollen, I'm surprised Jack didn't notice earlier! It was getting kind of big.
I walked down the stairs and everybody looked my way. Jane smiled at me as Jack followed behind me, he must have been smiling. I sat down next to Jane and everybody looked at me. I turned my gaze to Jane,
"I'm guessing you told everyone?" I asked. she nodded and smiled.
"Congratulations!" Masky said.
"Ya, Creepypastas don't usually get pregnant!" Jeff told me.
"It's very rare!" Laughing Jack said from the other side of the couch sitting next to Ben.
"Well, I guess I got lucky!" I said smiling at them.
"Ya! You got extremely lucky! First getting pregnant and then finding out your having triplets!" Toby exclaimed sitting on the other side of Ben.
"We are all very happy for you (Y/N)!" Hoodie said. it meant a lot coming from Hoodie, mostly because he doesn't talk a lot. Still it meant a lot.
"Thanks Hoodie!" I said. He nodded and i got the message that he wasn't going to talk agin.
It was getting late and I had decided I should get some sleep, after I said good night to everyone I walked up the stairs and into my room where I slowly got under the covers and fell asleep. So happy!
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