Chapter 11 I Am Meant To Be Here

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Your P.O.V
I'm not going to get any sleep! How could I? You remembered the thoughts from last night as you ate breakfast, not even a little tired. You waited and waited for Jack to come down the stairs, until finally he came walking down the stairs, he didn't look the least bit tired either. Would he sit by me? Would he tell the others about us? How was this all going to go down?!? You thought with fear and curiosity. He was walking towards you, was he smiling? You thought as you felt a smile form across your face.
He sat next to you and you could tell that under the mask which was hiding his face that he must have been smiling. All you could do was sit and smile. he was absolutely amazing! Last night was the most amazing night of my life! I got to kiss Jack! What could ever be better? And now I knew that he felt the same way I do!
"Hi." He said.
"Hi." You said back.
"Your toast must be getting cold, you should eat it." he said teasing you.
You turned back to the toast and started eating again, you'd completely forgotten about it when Jack had walked into the room. What is it about him that other girls didn't like!? I couldn't find one wrong thing with him! You finished your toast and put the plate up after washing it, and sat back down next to Jack.
"Come on," he said getting up and holding out a hand offering to hold yours. You grabbed his hand and got up from the chair you were sitting in and started walking to the front door,
"Where are we going?" You asked as he opened the door for you. You stepped through and waited for a reply,
"You'll see." he said and walked you towards the trees. why the trees? You both stopped before walking into the trees,
"Do you remember anything?" He asked me suddenly.
"From when?" You ask him.
"From the night you were drugged." he told me.
You stood there and thought about that night..... there wasn't much there but there was one little thing! You remembered running from people in a car, and you remembered...... the syringe! Your eyes widened,
"I remember being stabbed in the side with something!" You told him.
"They had me in their arms trying to take me to the orphanage, and I wouldn't stop struggling so they stabbed me in the side." You explained.
"That was the drug!" He said.
"Yes! And after that i cut him, and ran into the woods." You told him the rest.
"That's it?" He asked.
"Yes." you said.
"You don't remember running into my arms and then falling to the ground?" He asked confused.
"No." You said plainly.
"Ok, the drug must have started kicking in causing you to forget." He explained his theory.
You walked up to him,
"I remember last night!" You say smiling.
You lifted his mask and kissed him. Once done you wrapped your arms around him. I'm meant to be here. With Jack!

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