Chapter 22 The Future

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Eyeless Jack P.O.V
I had taken (Y/N) up into her room last night and decided I might as well follow her in so that's where I slept last night just to tell you.
I woke up with (Y/N) laid out on my chest, I chuckled. Her long blond hair wasn't even messy. I felt (Y/N) stir under me a smile appeared on her face.
"(Y/N)?" I softly whispered her name in her ear. Her eyes fluttered open to reveal her perfect brown eyes, she looked me in the eyes and smiled.
"Hey." She said happily. I smiled. I turned to the clock to see what time it was, if we didn't get down for breakfast they might be a little upset.
"We should probably be getting to the kitchen now." I told her sadly as she laid there her head resting on my chest.
"What time is it?" She asked yawning.
"It's 10:30am." I told her, she jumped up out of the bed and rushed over to the closet and threw one something cute to wear.
"We over slept! We've got to go!" She started telling me as she ran from one end of the room to the other.
"What are you doing just sitting there?" She asked,
"We need to go now." she told me.
"(Y/N), we don't need to go yet. they let you sleep in when you want." I explained to her laughing as she stopped pacing and stared at me, her cheeks hot with embarrassment.
"Oh," she said relaxing and sitting back on the bed. She sat there and looked at the wall lost in thought, I came up from behind and threw my arms around her and pushed myself back to where we were a minute ago with (Y/N) in my arms she was giggling. She reached up and kissed me on the lips, and wrapped her arms around my neck as I put my hands on her waist. She let go a minute later and laid her head on my shoulder.
"I love you." she told me. And with those three words I fell in love with her all over again.
"I love you too." I told her and I kissed her again, it was quick and then I let go.
"Let's take a walk." I told her and she jumped up from the bed and ran to the closet to pick out the rest of what she was to wear, I laughed as I watched her dart from one end of the room to the other. Until finally she was ready and she stopped in front me smiling. I couldn't help but smile back.
"You ready?" I asked.
"Yes!" She said with excitement edging her tone.
I walked her down the hallway and then the stairs and then out the door into the wind. I started to run and turned my head to make sure she was following, I smiled when I saw her running behind me the wind blowing back her hair which now had a gold shine to it as a single ray of sunlight hit her head.I kept smiling and turned my head to look ahead where I was heading for one of (Y/N)'s favorite places to be.
I stopped in front of the lake and looked at it, and then over to (Y/N) who stopped next to me looking out at the water her smiling was still bright and it made my heart melt.
"We are going swimming!" I told her. she didn't hesitate to jump in the water, as she ran towards it she flung off her shoes and took off her shirt which she didn't want wet. I took off my jacket, shirt, shoes, and my mask and jumped in after her. She swam away from me obviously playing the 'your not allowed near me game' which we never played long. It was just another joke (Y/N) had made up into a game and she enjoyed teasing me with the new game. I smiled as she swam in the opposite direction of me,
"Ok, I guess you don't want a kiss or anything. That's just too bad!" I said and started to swim in the opposite direction of her as she decided she didn't want to play the game anymore and i turned back around and held
(Y/N) in my arms and looked down into her big brown eyes which sparkled when the sunlight shown into them and made her hair turn gold. I leaned down and my lips crashed into hers. She is the most important thing in my life! I thought to myself as I kissed (Y/N) passionately. I let go a little while after and smiled.
Your P.O.V
We stepped out of the water a after swimming for a little while longer. I looked down at my top and put it on over everything else. I looked over to the pole and wondered, can I still jump as high as I used to? Can I still do anything I used to? Would there be more I can do? Or less? I thought to myself and walked to the pole and looked up, I closed my eyes and jumped I landed on top of something which might have been the pole but also could have been my imagination. I opened my eyes and looked down at my feet, i was standing on top of the pole once again looking down on Jack as he watched the wind blow my hair back but not moving me. Yes! I can still do that which means I must still be able to do everything else! I thought excitedly and jumped down from the pole and did a flip down. I ran over to the water and skipped along the surface, this was perfect! Everything stayed the same except how i look and what will happen in the future. I stopped skipping and looked down at the water, the future..... Would it end up how it's supposed to?

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