Chapter 17 She's Beautiful

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Eyeless Jack P.O.V
I was sitting on the couch watching Ben play his game when I heard the click of high heels coming down the stairs.
She once again looked like the most beautiful girl in the world. Which she was! She was wearing a cute little dress again... this time her tail hung out and whipped this way then that way, she was wearing the same shoes she wears everyday... high heels. Everything was black, except her long hair which was purple one moment and black the next. Her so very light blue eyes never changed. Around her waist was her belt which held her swords. She reached the end of the stairs, and once again all the guys looked over in her direction, drooling. She started walking towards me, her high heels clicking as she walked across the wood floor.
"You want to come with me?" She asked.
"Ah so I finally get to see all these new things you are able to do?" I asked teasing.
She giggled, "yes." She grabbed my hand and yanked me up and we ran to the front door. We got outside and a cold wind blew across the land,
"Little cold outside for something like that don't you think?" I asked.
"I don't get cold silly!" She called as she ran ahead of me. She started to slow down waiting for me, she looked tired and the shoes must be killing her!
"Here," I bent down offering to carry her. She walked behind me and jumped on my back, I started walking the extra wait not bothering me.
She told me where to go and soon enough we were at a pond. She ran towards the pond and took off her shoes.
"Watch this!" She told me as she walked towards the water.
She touch the water..... but she didn't fall through! She was now walking on the top of the water smiling as I watched. Her long hair which was black a moment ago was now turning to a deep purple.
She hopped off the top of the water and gave me a hug.
"That was amazing!" I said.
"Just wait!" She walked towards a pole and jumped, I've never see anyone jump that high before! She landed on top of the pole and stood there, the wind blowing trying to unbalance her, but she stood there the wind not bothering her. Her tail wasn't flicking anymore, that is what must balance her!
"Alright you've found a way to get away from me, but the question is.... would you rather be up there? Or down here?"
I asked.
"That's a hard choice!" She smiled teasing. She jumped down and on the way did a flip!
"Wow!" I said amazed.
"Ya, it's not that great but it's an improvement." she said.
"No! That's amazing!" I exclaimed.
"But I have a question about the water." I said.
"Can you still swim in the water or just walk on it?" I asked.
She smiled, and ran for the water and dove in making a splash, and vanishing under the ripples of the water.
I waited for her to come back up... she didn't. I was getting a little worried after about two minutes went by, I took off my shoes, jacket, shirt, and my mask and dove in.
While I was under the water two arms curled around mine and drug me to the surface. I opened my eyes to see (Y/N) she still looked gorgeous even while her hair was wet.
"Did you pretend to drown?" I asked.
"Guess who knows how to get her boyfriend to go for a swim with her?" She asked smiling.
"You could have just asked." I said smiling back.
"That would have made things a bit too easy, and what fun is it to ask when you can trick?" She asked.
"Ok well it's a good thing we don't get cold or we would be out in a flash!"
We both smiled and laughed. She looked at me and didn't look away, perhaps lost in thought?
"I love your smile!" She said.
"I love your smile too!" I told her.
"And everything about you!" I said.
She put her arms around me and kissed me. She backed away after a little bit and smiled her wonderful smile. The sun was setting but all I wanted to do was swim. So we did.
By the time we had got out it was pitch black outside. I was putting my jacket on while (Y/N) pulled on her high heels,
"We should be getting back to the mansion." I said.
"Can we please stay! I love looking at the full moon!" She pleaded.
"Ok." I said and laid down next to
(Y/N) on the ground. We watched the full moon for what felt like minutes but happened to be hours. I sat up,
"Now we should be getting back..." I turned to (Y/N) she was softly asleep, I picked her up and carried her back to the mansion. She has a lock on her door.... Should I take her to my room? I wondered.
We got to the mansion in no time, the pond wasn't that far. I walked towards the stairs but I was stopped by Jeff,
"What were you two doing?" He asked smiling.
"Nothing your thinking of!" I told him and walked up the stairs,
"Her room is locked." he yelled from the couch.
"I know." I yelled back.
I guess I'm taking her to my room. She woke up a moment before we walked in to my room,
"How did I get here?" She asked in a tired tone.
"I carried you." I told her.
"Oh." She said and smiled.
"I guess I need to get my key," she grabbed the key which was on her belt and unlocked the door but when she walked in she fell. I ran to her and picked her up, how could someone get so tired? I wondered as I picked (Y/N) up and carried her to the bed, I set her in and turned ready to go to my own room,
"Wait," she said grabbing my wrist, I turned.
"Ya?" I said.
"I angered someone. Will you stay here with me?" She asked. I smiled and walked over and closed the door,
"Sure." i said and walked over to the other side of the bed and laid down next to (Y/N). She was asleep in no time, and so was I. She's beautiful.

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