Chapter 14 Zalgo

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Hey guys little side note before you start reading, When I'm writing from Your P.O.V I can't really keep saying "you did this" "you did that" so I'm going to replace "you" with "I" but it is still from your perspective. Had to get that out haha! Thanks! Enjoy! 😋
Your P.O.V
The last thing I remember was being drug into the woods, while I was being drug across the leaf covered ground a rock had hit me in the head, causing me to loose consciousness.
I woke up, tied to a chair, the ropes were burning deep into my skin, I must have been struggling. I stayed still to avoid getting more rope burn.
Is this place actually somewhere they send little kids to be adopted?!?!
I got the feeling that I wasn't in the orphanage.....
I was in a dark, blood red room, it had some black areas here and there, and the ground underneath me was a dark, dark red floor almost black. There was a stair case leading to another room... the door was open.
"Hello!" I yelled.
"Hello?" I yelled again...... No reply, or even the sound of footsteps.
"LET ME GO!!!!" I screamed and started to struggle, ignoring the awful burning sensation which was in my wrists.
I stopped struggling when I heard the footsteps coming down the stairs. I turned my head, I couldn't see them.
A hand went on the chair and turned the chair around and me with it. He was a tall dark..... demon? his skin was red and black, and looked as though it was scaled, he had wings that came out of his back, and he towered over me. I glared up at him.
"Why... am I HERE?!?" I yelled. He laughed,
"Your here because your special!" He told me.
"You know, your family died for a reason," he told me.
"What do you mean?" I spat.
"Your parents had to die in order for you to become special! Now that they are dead, that special part of you is starting to free itself." he said.
"It just needs a bit of help." He told me. My eyes widened in fear as he was slowly bringing a yknife to me chest.
Eyeless Jack P.O.V
She wasn't anywhere to be seen, I'd asked everyone and now I was scared. I walked over to Slender's door, who hadn't heard about this yet.
"Slender! It's (Y/N)!" I yelled through the door. Slender came out a moment later,
"Yes? What's wrong?" He asked.
"I can't find her anywhere! We were playing in the leaves by the woods and when I came out of the leaf pile she was gone!" I explained quickly.
"Quickly! We need to go and check the woods near the leaf pile! That must have been where she was either taken or wandered off." he ordered me.
I ran for the woods and when I got there I saw hand marks leading away as though someone..... (Y/N) had been drug away by someone!!! I followed it a little ways and found a bloody rock. She hit her head!
I ran for the mansion, and when I got inside Slender was waiting for me.
"Something drug her away! Into the woods! She hit her head!" I explained. Slender nodded.
"We have to go and get her NOW!" I said.
Slender looked up as though he had figured something out,
"Yes take anyone you like." he said and walked towards his room.
"Jane, Jeff, Masky, Hoodie, Ben, let's go!" I yelled.
Slender Man P.O.V
Could it be that? Could it be that he came so soon? Who else could it be?!? I should go with them!
"I'm coming with you!" I told Jack.
"Ok. Do you know where they would have taken her?" He asked.
"Yes...... unfortunately I do." I told him and walked outside with everyone following me.
*time skip*
We were now at Zalgo's door,
"You have GOT to be kidding me!!" Jack said.
"She is with Zalgo?!?" He looked at the door.
"I don't even want to know what he plans to do to her! I just want to get her back!" He said.
I opened the door.....

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