Chapter 12 Nobody Will Hurt You

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Eyeless Jack P.O.V
We were in the mansion the next morning, how did I manage to get someone as great as her? I couldn't help but wonder.
The word about me and (Y/N) was spreading fast throughout the mansion. Masky had come up to me last night and said,
"I guess she did like you, and I guess you still have feelings for her." He walked away after telling me to treat her right, I would never do anything to hurt her!
(Y/N) had already ate, but she hadn't come back over to sit next to me as usual. Where had she gone? I got up to see the front door was just slightly opened. Why would she go outside? Maybe to go and look at the trees? A cold chill ran down my spine as I thought about the trees. I walked out the door, please don't be by the trees! Or worse, please please don't be in the trees!
I can't let her wander off into the woods, all alone, just to get drugged again, and then die all over again and maybe for good! I couldn't let that happen!! I ran around the corner and looked at the trees there walking through them was (Y/N). She was heading straight from the direction she had come from the night she was drugged.
I ran towards the woods, and stopped..... she wasn't there? Where had she gone? I turned around and then back, (Y/N) was still no where to be seen. I started running in the direction I had last seen (Y/N) walking in. I still hadn't seen her. Frustration rising inside of me, I kept running and stopped when I saw a road, there was a car on the road. From what I saw there was no one inside the car, but blood drooled down the sides of the car, and two bodies lay limp on the side of the road both stabbed in the heart.
How did this...... (Y/N)! She had come back and more people came flying down the road and tried to take her.....she killed them. She must have ran back to the mansion.
I looked back at the bodies and saw something on the ground beside their hand...... a syringe! No no no no no no!
I started running for the mansion fear causing me to run faster. I slammed through the mansion door and (Y/N) was no where to be seen, just the confused looks of the other proxies. I ran up the stairs and opened the door to (Y/N)'s room, she was sitting on the bed still awake.
I walked over and sat next to her,
"(Y/N), I saw the car and the people on the road and..." She didn't give me a chance to finish.
"They tried to drug me again!" She said.
"Tried? So they didn't drug you?" Hope flared in my chest.
"No, he went to go and slam the syringe in my neck, thinking it would work faster, but I grabbed his wrist and twisted it he then dropped the syringe, I picked it up and slammed it into his neck and pushed in the drug." She told me looking down at her hands like she was ashamed.
"Good, I want you to fight back and kill!" I told her.
"The killing wasn't what bothered me, none of that bothered me, I didn't know what you would think of me." she said still looking down at her hands.
"I think, your still the girl I fell in love with." I told her now putting my arms around her when she looked up, hope sparked her gaze.
"Really? You don't care?" She asked.
"No. Why would I care? I've killed more people than you can count!" I told her laughing. she smiled, and laid her head on my shoulder.
"I feel so happy here!" She said.
"So happy here at the mansion, with other people who are like me! I feel like I belong." she explained.
"You do belong." I said looking down into her beautiful gaze.
Nobody will hurt you!

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