Chapter 8 Why?

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Eyeless Jack P.O.V
It had been five days since the night (Y/N) had been drugged during the night while in the woods, how had she made it home before the drug made her fall to sleep? That was the one thing I didn't understand! Someone wanted to take (Y/N) to the orphanage. I wasn't going to let them get to her! Did I love her? Was that what this feeling was inside of me was? It couldn't have been anything else!
I looked over at (Y/N) who was still sleeping. I walked over, pulled my mask off, and kissed her on the cheek.
"I'll be right back!" I whispered in her ear. I walked out the door, took one last look at (Y/N) smiled, and closed the door.
Your P.O.V
Not too long ago you had woke up in a weird place you didn't recognize. Now you were pretty happy with where you were, except........ Jack wasn't here........ The thought made you sad, he has got to be here! Somewhere... I'm not looking hard enough! You thought angrily.
It was hard to believe that this place could be real! Everything here made you happy! The trees were fall colored, there was always a nice breeze to keep you from getting too hot, the animals were friendly, how could this place get any better? You dropped to the ground as you realized Jack wasn't here....... but why? Why wasn't he here? If this was a perfect world then where was the perfect person?!?
You stood up and kicked at the dirt. This place may have had all this beautiful stuff here but it didn't have what you wanted most!
You started walking but a pain welled inside you left shoulder. The pain was just awful! You closed your eyes and fell to the ground, another strike of pain hit you, in the same place.

Eyeless Jack P.O.V
I was laying on the bed next to (Y/N) listening to the beating of her heart,
When all of a sudden.... it stopped. I panicked and ran down the stairs,
"Slender Man!" I screamed.
"I need help!!!" I screamed again. he was here in an instant.
"What is wrong?" He asked.
"I-it's (Y-Y/N)!" I said.
I ran up the stairs and Slender followed. I stepped into the room and ran over to the bed. Slender walked over and put his finger on her wrist checking her pulse. He set her arm down slowly, and walked over to me,
"Jack..... she's dead." He told me.
"S-she can't be!" I yelled and walked over to (Y/N).
Everyone else was now in the room, looking sadly at (Y/N) as she sat there..... dead. I kissed her cheek.
"She can't be dead..." I said aloud.
"She hasn't been breathing for three minutes, she is dead..." Slender Man told me sadly.
She can't be dead! Why?

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