Chapter 5 Simply Perfect

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Your P.O.V
You woke up to find yourself in your room, and turned to the alarm clock sitting by your bed, 8:25 am. You get up from the bed and walk over to the dresser,
What to wear today? How about this... You pulled out a cute skirt that was black, along with some black converse, and a black top that had laced sleeves to the elbow. You looked into the mirror, perfect! You then walked into the hallway and closed the door behind you. I guess I'm supposed to go to the kitchen? You walked down the stairs and into the kitchen where everybody had gathered around the table eating. You sat down at the table at the end where two more seats were open next to you. You looked down at the food, it was cereal, you started eating while everyone else talked to each other.
You were about done when Jack came down the stairs and looked straight at you, you started blushing. Is he looking at me or someone else?
He started walking in your direction and sat down next you.
"Aren't you going to eat?" You asked him as he sat there and looked at you.
"I already ate." he told you.
If only he weren't wearing the mask, then I could tell if he was smiling back or not! You finished eating and cleaned out the bowl and spoon putting it back where it belonged.
You then walked over to to Jack and sat back down next to him,
"So what do we do after breakfast?" You asked him.
"We do whatever we want really, unless Slender Man wants us to do something for him." He told you.
You turned around and got up from the chair,
"Where are you going?" He asks you.
"I'm going to take a look around outside." you told him.
You walked away and heard footsteps behind you, he must be following me.
You kept walking towards the front door and stepped outside. You walked around the corner of the mansion to find a huge backyard!
Eyeless Jack P.O.V
She walked around the corner heading towards the backyard which was really big and had a bunch of trees towards the end of it where the woods were. All I could think about was how beautiful she looked! All I wanted to do was tell her how nice she looked....but how could I? I ran up to stand beside her,
"Would you like me to show you around?" I offered.
She turned eyes glowing with excitement!
"I would love that!" She said excitement edged her tone.
I smiled under my mask happy to see her smiling.
It took all day to show her around all the land. but it was worth it in the end when I saw her smiling, the sunsets light shining on the trees. It would be dark soon. She looked up at you as though she didn't care what time it was or when they got back.
"We should probably be...." she didn't let me finish,
"Can we stay for a little while longer?" She asked. I couldn't say no to her!
"Sure." I said. she smiled and sat down on the grass, watching as the sun set. I sat down next to her.
"Thank you." She said still looking at the sun.
"For what!" I asked.
"For making me feel welcome." she looked over at me still smiling.
It was completely dark now and yet she still wanted to stay out. She looked over at me,
"What?" I asked wondering what she was looking for.
"Your mask." She spoke the words.
Did she want me to take off the mask? I wondered.
"Can I..." I didn't wait for her to finish.
"Sure." I said and pulled the mask off.
She looked at me as though she didn't care my that my eyes weren't there, or that my skin was a dark grey,even though she probably already knew, and didn't care that my teeth looked so sharp.
Her eyes sparkled in the moonlight, and she smiled. she didn't care! She just looked up at me smiling and smiling. It made me so happy to know she was happy.... that's all I really wanted!
She leaned over and placed her head on my shoulder. The night was simply perfect! And so was she! I looked down at her smiling.

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