Chapter 7 Wake Up Soon

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Eyeless Jack P.O.V
I woke up to a scream that came from the woods. I ran out of my room and opened the door to (Y/N)s room. She wasn't there. I ran down the hallway and then the stairs all the way to the front door. I opened the door and ran towards the woods. I stopped in front of the trees,
"(Y/N)!" I screamed.
I looked around back and forth, and then saw her running towards me.
When she was here she ran into my arms and threw her arms around my neck. I could tell she was scared.
"What's wrong?" I asked her.
"They know who I am!" She said looking back towards the woods.
"They want to take me away!" She told me.
"T-they grabbed me..." She said and then fell to the ground.
I knelt down next to her and saw there was a syringe in her side. I yanked it out and set it down beside me.
They drugged her! How did she make it here without falling asleep?
I didn't think much about it, I just picked (Y/N) up in my arms and carried her back to the mansion.
I got to the mansion and opened the door, and walked over to Slender's door, I knocked on the door. Slender opened the door,
"Yes?" He looked down at (Y/N),
"Take her upstairs to your room, nobody else needs to know about this yet! I'll be right up there." he ordered me. I didn't hesitate I walked up the stairs and opened the door to my room, and set her on the bed.
They wouldn't have killed her? Would they? I sat there for what seemed to feel like forever when Slender walked through the door and over to (Y/N).
"What happened?" He asked still looking her over.
"I don't know much, just that I heard a scream from the woods, she wasn't in her room so I went to go look outside, when I stopped at the end of the woods she jumped into my arms, and next thing I knew she fell to the ground with a syringe in her side." I explained to him.
"She told me they tried to take her away." I told him.
"They drugged her." He told me.
"With what?" I asked nervously.
"I don't know." He sad now facing me.
"But she could be out for a while, she could be awake by morning. it's hard to tell since I don't know what they drugged her with." he explained to me.
I looked down.
"Just keep her in here and tell everyone that she won't wake up." he ordered me.
"Ok." I said looking down at (Y/N).
Slender left the room and I sat in a chair across the room, refusing to leave her.
It was morning when I heard a knocking on my door. I walked over and opened the door, it was Ben.
"Aren't you coming down..." his eyes drifted to (Y/N).
"What happened." she hasn't woke up yet and Slender told me to bring her in here." I explained to him.
"Well you should come downstairs, everyone is wondering where you are!" He told me.
"No, I'm going to stay here." I told him.
"Ok." he said and I closed the door once he walked away.
Please wake up! Wake up as soon as possible!

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