Chapter 21 Pure Beauty

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Your P.O.V
I was passed out on the hill, I was almost on top of Jack who was fast asleep. How does this keep happening? Do I really move that much in my sleep? I wondered as I crawled off of Jack, he moved a little but didn't wake up. I sat up looking down at the valley which was filled with people who were getting the pool ready for everything, I was sitting there looking down when two arms wrapped around me, I smiled and turned my head. He flipped me backwards so I was held on top of him unable to escape his grip. I giggled.
"You really won't mind that I'm changing again?" I asked.
"Of course not! You will never truly change you and you are doing this for some odd reason you haven't told me about and I trust you that it must be important." he explained to me. I smiled and pressed my lips against his, while my hands rested on his shoulders. He stopped a moment later,
"We should be getting back, they will be done with the pool soon." he said.
"Your right." I said climbing to my feet and started walking down the hill when Jack rushed over and swept me off my feet. I giggled as he carried me down the hill all the way to the valley where everyone stood around the pool, the woman with the blond hair and sparkling eyes walked up to me,
"Are you ready?" She asked. I turned to Jack and smiled, he smiled back. don't worry.... you will soon know why im doing this. I thought as I looked into Jacks eyes. I turned back to the woman,
"Yes." I said.
"Walk to the pool of water!" She commanded. I did as I was told.
"Now walk into the water and stand in the middle." she ordered. I once again did what she told me to and walked to the middle of the pool and stood there.
She then walked over to me with a knife in her hand,
"Now, don't flinch away. this will hurt but it must be done." she told me softly. I nodded, and she pressed the knife into my chest and re carved out what Zalgo had carved into me. all of a sudden a strike of pain went through my chest and I flinched.
"It's working, now we wait but a moment for the evil to exit her body." she informed us. pain was welling everywhere on my body as I screamed. first my arms, then the pain moved down from my chest all the way to my feet, till everything hurt. I was still screaming my eyes were now closed. the pain was too much I fell to the floor and the pain vanished leaving my hair to swish into the water.
"It's complete." she said and walked away. I opened my eyes to see Jack and Jane staring at me.
"What?" I asked.
"Your hair!" Jane exclaimed.
"Still beautiful!" Jack mumbled just loud enough for me to hear him.
I looked down at my hair.... it was blond with a beautiful golden shine to it. I looked up at Jack as I sat in the water all wet.
"W-what color are m-my eyes?" I asked. looking up at him, my eyes widening.
"They are beautiful brown eyes which I've already fallen in love with!" he told me looking into them. I smiled, he reached for a strand of hair which had fallen from behind my ear and placed it back.
"Pure beauty!" He said half to himself half out loud. He picked me up and carried me bridal style out of the water and right towards home. Jane followed us with all out stuff in her arms.
*****back to the mansion*****
We were back to the mansion, Jack had carried me the whole way there and was now taking me upstairs to my room. Jeff sat on the couch,
"Wow! What happened to her?" He asked. turning his head to get a better look.
"I'll tell you later!" I called back as Jack carried on ignoring Jeff. I was at my room now,
"Jack, I love you." I told him.
"I love you too!" He told me. I backed into my room feeling tired from staying up so late and Jack followed me.

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