Chapter 15 I Hate You

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Your P.O.V
He was coming at me with the knife, and he started carving something I couldn't see into my chest. I screamed.
I could here a door open from up the stairs, Zalgo was done carving into my skin, he smeared three fingers down causing the blood to show the marks. I looked up at the staircase, the person who was running down the stairs was Jack.
"J-Jack?" I managed to get out his name.
I straightened my back and screamed. So much pain!!!
I managed to make out Jack running towards me but Zalgo smacked him to the side.
"NO!" I screamed.
"DONT HURT HIM!" I yelled at Zalgo.
I screamed again as a horrible pain shot through my arm. I looked down, either my eye sight was really messed up right now or there was blackness running through my vains. I looked up, Zalgo was holding Jack away from me. Everyone else was running down the stairs on their way to help me, Zalgo walked over and slammed them all to the wall.
"J-just don't h-hurt anyone." I said as the pain started to fade. My head dropped and I couldn't see anymore, I hope this doesn't last!
Eyeless Jack P.O.V
I watched as (Y/N) screamed in pain. her head dropped, fear ran all the way through me.
Her hair! It was slowly turning to a purple. Her hair was now completely purple, she lifted her head up, her eyes weren't sapphire blue anymore, they were a beautiful light blue. Zalgo let go of everyone and we all just stood there.... Looking at (Y/N).
Zalgo walked over to (Y/N) and untied her, she stood up and-and she had a tail!
She looked down at her hair, and then turned to see the tail, and her skin was pale, she used to have tan skin.
"Zalgo! What have you DONE?!?!" She screamed, her eyes welling with tears.
"I'm a monster!!!!" She yelled and ran up the stairs.
She was beautiful!
Your P.O.V
I ran out the door and fell to the ground, tears streaming down my pale face. I sat there in the grass, a shadow came over me.
"Y-yes?" I asked looking up, it was Jack.
"(Y/N), please don't cry!" He pleaded.
"I'm a monster!" I said.
I stood up,
"Can we please go home?" I asked my head drooping.
"Of course, just let me go tell the others that we are leaving." he told me and ran off. He came back a moment later and he walked me home.
We stopped at the door,
"(Y/N) your still so very beautiful, and I still love you!" Jack explained to me.
"I love you too!" I told him.
He lifted up his mask and he kissed me. I smiled, I should go upstairs and think about this.
I walked up stairs and into my room. I looked into my closet, time to change my look! I put on a black dress and looked in the mirror, the dress hid my tail. I stared in the mirror, I hate you Zalgo!

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