Chapter 36 Dont Tell!

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Violet P.O.V
I walked down the stairs at about 10:30pm and my mom was sitting on the couch, I walked over and sat down next to her she smiled at me and I couldn't help but smile back.
"Hi mom." I greeted my mother with a smile,
"Hi Violet." she greeted back.
"Do you know where Jasmine is?" I asked thinking she would know, I hadn't seen her since 5:30pm when she left wearing a fancy dress, with high heels, make up, and her hair in a pony tail with a bow holding it up.
"I haven't seen her since 5:30pm." She told me and I became suspicious.
I decided to sit on the couch and just do whatever until Jasmine came back.
It took three hours but I heard a knock on the door and ran over, I opened the door to see Jasmine standing buy a cute guy who looked up at me and smiled... he had an AMAZING smile!! He whispered something in Jasmine's ear, lucky for me... I had excellent hearing thanks to another power of mine,
"I'll see you later, beautiful." He whispered in her ear and she smiled. She had to lean up higher even though she was wearing MY beautiful high heels which were tall to whisper back in his ear,
"If you can find me." she said teasing, and he gave her a beautiful smile and winked.
He leaned down and kissed her on the lips my eyes widened and I looked away feeling uncomfortable. they pulled apart remembering I was standing in front of them.
"You done?" I asked in an uncomfortable tone. they both chuckled,
"Yes." they both said at the same time.
"Bye." he said to Jasmine.
"Bye." Jasmine repeated and walked in, closing the door behind her.
I turned to her,
"Who-" she didn't give me the chance to finish,
"He is a guy- who I met- at the store." she told me stopping in between her words.
"Are you guys..." I didn't finish the sentence before she answered.
"Yes, but do NOT tell mom!" She ordered me and suspicion creeped up my spine.
"He-he..." she wouldn't finish her sentence she just tried to run past me but I held out my arm and made her stumble back to where she was standing. She looked nervous.
"He broke into the mansion one day, and mom and him got into a fight... but he is REALLY nice and he was just defending himself." She quickly added. I didn't know wether to be angry or ok with this.
"I won't tell mom." I told her with irritation in my voice.
"Thank you Violet!" She exclaimed relief flowing from her voice.
"Ya ya whatever." I said annoyance in my voice.
Jasmine P.O.V
Violet had agreed not to tell mom about Cameron and I considering they fought each other that one day.
He was a really good guy and I'm glad I have him but what if mom finds out? Would she make me stay away from him?!?!
I walked up the stairs and into my room, I changed out of the dress and took off the shoes and flopped into bed, I hadn't realized how late it was until is lost site of Cameron which was when I closed the door to the mansion. I just thought about the day which was a lot of fun and I slowly drifted into sleep.
Sorry guys I got kind of lazy on this chapter, nothing very exciting happened so sorry about that. But thanks for reading! Don't mind the grammar I got lazy haha.
I love you all! Not as much as food of course! 🍖

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