Chapter 6 "You Will Not Take Me!"

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Your P.O.V
He was amazing! He is kind, friendly, funny, and lots more! Do-do I like him? You thought as you sat at the breakfast table, eating. You look up from your food to find him looking at you, you can't help but smile.
After about two more minutes of eating you finally finished your food. After you put up your dishes you ran outside to enjoy the sun and the fall colored trees. It's absolutely beautiful! There is only one thing that could make it perfect. You hear footsteps behind you, and here he comes!
You turned around thinking you would see Jack, but it wasn't, it was Masky. Which you didn't mind seeing Masky, you smiled,
"Hi Masky." You say kindly.
"Hi (Y/N)." he said back.
You turned back to the November colored leaves, orange, yellow, and red. a beautiful mixture of colors!
"The trees are always beautiful during November." he said.
"I've always loved looking at the trees when their leaves turned to this gorgeous mixture of colors!" You told him still looking into the trees.
"Nobody else really cares about the color of the trees. I would look at them sometimes but never really thought about their beauty." He told you.
"I used to look at the trees around our house when I was little, my mom would take me up to the attic because we had a little window up there with the perfect view of the trees." You told him looking back on the memory.
"It was nice while it lasted, but that's over.." you tell him sadly.
Later that night you walk outside while everyone else slept. The trees are even more beautiful at dark! You walked into the trees, and walked and walked. Till the trees opened up and there in front of you was the road. You looked at the town that stood behind the road. I should probably be.......
You didn't finish the rest, when lights flashed in your eyes. You stepped back,
"It's her!" One of the people in the car yelled to the other.
"(Y/N) I need you to step forward!"
What did they want with me?!? The orphanage! You remembered the place they wanted to send you to and you turned around ready to bolt,
"(Y/N)!" They screamed from the car.
One of the men stepped out of the car and ran towards you, folding you in their arms.
"No! NO!" You screamed as they drug you to the car.
You panicked and pulled out the knife from your pocket and cut the man who was holding you. he quickly let you go and you ran forward, turning back around to see them put their hands up,
"You will not take me!" You yelled and ran into the woods.
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