Chapter 33 Ill Be There

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Jasmine P.O.V
I was in the grocery store getting some stuff for breakfast. I stopped in the bread aisle and looked up not really for any reason just to look around to remember if I had forgotten anything. Guess who stood there with a cart... following me? Now that I've realized he was there I now remember being following around the whole store I just hadn't taken it like they were following for a reason.
I turned and looked at him, our eyes made contact and his eyes widened when he realized I was looking at him.
He started walking away quickly and I followed him forgetting about my cart. he turned around a corner and I lost sight of him,
"Dang it!" I said aloud and people just looked at me. I smiled and walked back to my cart to find it had been robbed of all it's goods. I took the cart and walked back to the meat aisle where there was nobody to be seen.
I walked away from the cart and to the meat to grab my previous choice when hands went over my mouth and around my waist to pull me into a bathroom..... The men's bathroom and into a stall. He uncovered my mouth but kept his arm around my waist and held me close. He spun me around but held me close again afraid I might get lose. I saw the boy who had attacked my mother and then had the guts to flirt with me!
"What do you want?!?!" I yelled at him. He smiled "I missed you too!" He was already flirting with me. Who does that?!?! I asked myself.
"What do you want? Why did you drag me in the men's stall? Why didn't you just run away from me?" I started asking question after question after question until finally he just put his hand over my mouth.
"You ask a lot of questions you, know that?" He asked me. He uncovered my mouth,
"Why won't you just answer my questions?" I yelled at him, he wasn't phased by the anger which must have been in my tone!
"Don't worry Peaches, I'll answer your questions." he told me. Wait! Did he just call me.... Peaches? Why won't he stop flirting?!?! I wanted to just walk away and forget this ever happened but his arms around me prevented that.
I started pounding my hands on his chest,
"Let me go!" I yelled, he just stood there un-phased by my pounding and failed attempts to escape. Then he had the courage to smile at me! I glared back at him and he chuckled.
After a long while of pounding on his chest, I was worn out and no matter how angry I was at him I just laid my head on his chest in exhaustion.
"Are you done now Peach?" He asked and I just stood there too tired to move.
"Good, now whatever you wanted to ask me....I'll answer over dinner." he told me and I looked up, still being held close to him.
"W-would you s-stop flirting with me?!?" I asked him but I wasn't able to yell at him. he smirked and I knew that meant no. After that he did something I didn't expect, he touched my butt! His hand slid into the pocket and then out I looked up and smacked him. he smiled.
He opened the stall and let go of me only to have me fall to the ground from exhaustion... ya I was trying to hurt him that long!
All I wanted to do was fall asleep, and I had that opportunity when I felt someone pick me up and carry me away. It was him of course, I wanted to struggle but didn't see a point, people were starring as he walked by with me in his arms.
I didn't dare fall asleep! I didn't want him taking me somewhere I didn't want to go... I just wanted to be back at the mansion.
I looked up at him and he smiled down at me, I let my head dangle after that. he was a sweet guy. But I did tell him to stay away. he was cute too! And with that thought I smiled, he must have looked down and saw me smiling when he said,
"Having fun Peach?" He asked me and I looked up irritated and yet amused.
"If I can get a free ride, I'll take it!" I said letting my head dangle off his arm. I suddenly realized I had nodded off when I heard a knocking on a door and quickly I opened my eyes. Relief flooded over me when I saw the slender mansion in front of me. It was Jeff who opened the door and he glared at the boy and then looked down to me and he didn't bother giving him another glare,
"She was at the grocery store and she fell asleep." he gave Jeff a lame excuse but surprisingly Jeff believed him and the boy switched me into Jeff's arms. I turned my head I was slightly awake now and I smiled. He winked back at me. I guess Jeff hadn't noticed that part when nothing happened.
I was being carried up to my room in Jeff's arms when I saw my dad. Relief flooded his gaze when he looked down at me.
"There was some boy out there who had found her asleep at the grocery store and carried her back." Jeff explained to my father.
"Well I'm glad she is home safely!" I heard my dad say and then Jeff walked me up the rest of the stairs and into my room. He somehow knew which bed was mine and laid me there he walked out of the room but before he could close the door,
"Thanks Jeff. I wouldn't have made it up those steps." I told him in a sleepy tone. he just nodded then closed the door.
"I'll answer all your questions if you come to dinner with me." I remembered his offer as I fell asleep.
I'll be there...
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