Chapter 9 She's Alive

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Eyeless Jack P.O.V
I sat there by the edge of the bed, she can't be dead! Everyone was standing there next to me, trying to get me to leave.
"No! She is not dead!" I said when they tugged at my jacket. I looked back over to her, shook her arm a little,
"Wake up." I said quietly.
I turned to look at the others, they said nothing. They just looked at me sadly. I turned back to (Y/N) and kissed her cheek.
I turned to (Y/N),
She gasped and opened her eyes! She's alive!
Your P.O.V
You closed your eyes pain still welling in your shoulder as you lay on the other worlds floor. The pain was gone in a split second, you opened your eyes with one last gasp of pain, to see everyone from the mansion standing in front of you their eyes wide with disbelief. You looked to the side to see Jack knelt down beside you, you smiled feeling a bit it pain from the other world.
"Your alive!" He yelled and hugged you. Your eyes widened with confusion. You looked at the others,
"What's going on?" You said laughing a little. Slender looked at you,
"You were asleep for five days, and on the sixth day......" he trailed off.
"You died." He told you. Your eyes widened in disbelief. You turn to look at Jack, he nodded.
"Are you guys joking with me?" You asked them.
"No, you died." They told you.
"But I'm alive?" You asked them.
"Yes, and that's what I don't understand." Slender explained.
"Who cares why! She is alive! Isn't that all that matters?" Jack asked them.
"Ok, well Jack you should get her something to eat." Slender told him.
"Ok." he said.
Everyone else walked out of the room, talking about how hard it was to believe that you were still alive. You pushed yourself off the bed and started to walk to the kitchen with Jack following closely behind you. When you first started walking you weren't sure you would be able to, but now you've become confident about it, maybe a little too confident! When you fell to the floor, you looked up and smiled at Jack. He looked down at you and helped you up.
"Thanks." You smiled a little embarrassed.
He smiled back and walked beside you all the way down the stairs. You walked over to the cabinet and found something to eat, and sat down at the table.
Eyeless Jack P.O.V
When she had sat down at the table, I decided I had to ask if she remembered anything from the night she was drugged. Surely they wouldn't have made her forget... Right?
I looked over at (Y/N),
"Do you remember anything from the night you were drugged?" I asked.
"No." She told me.
So they had made her forget! Who would do such a thing? I thought angrily.
"Yes?" She looked up.
"Why is it that you didn't die?" I asked curious. She looked thoughtful.
"I don't know." she told me.
"There is something special about her and it's not just how beautiful she is!"
"W-what?" She asked her eyes widened with a mixture of happiness, and disbelief. I just realized I had said that Aloud. Her face turned bright red,
"You think I'm pretty?" She asked me.
"H-how could I not?" I said nervously.
What if she doesn't feel the same? .

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