Chapter 20 Later

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Your P.O.V
It had taken, what four days to reach Hills Valley and all I wanted to do was flop on the ground and rest.
"Hello." Said a girl with short blond hair and bright blue eyes which sparkled in the sunlight.
"Hello." Jane returned the greeting.
"Do you need someth...." they looked at me,
"Oh, I see." she said lifting her head.
"You want our help to make her good, or.....close." she said with a snicker. I could feel my tail whip from side to side in irritation.
"Well, the pool will not be ready for her till tomorrow, so until then you will stay here." she said. She looked me over up and down,
"Please, put something less..... black on, it helps with the converting." she told me. I glared at her as she handed me a white dress.
"Now go and change." she ordered me. I walked over and purposely stepped on her bare foot with my high heels, she yelped in pain, i walked away giggling.
I walked outside of the little hut wearing the white dress, I look awful! I thought to myself a little disgusted by the weird clothing. I walked over to Jane,
"This place is horrible! The clothing is weird, the way they talk is weird, the way they decorate is weird, and I'm bored out of my mind!" I said in a whisper.
"What do you want me to do?" She asked.
"Well, I'm just complaining. I miss Jack!" I said.
"You can stick it out for three more days." she told me and walked away to help someone with something. I sat down looking at the ground. a shadow fell over the rays of sunlight. i looked up and a smile went across my face,
"Jack!" I yelled and jumped up in his arms.
"why are you here? How did you know where I would be? Did Jane tell you anything?" I asked him so many questions.
"I'm here to see you, Jane told Slender where you were going and told me, and what would she need to tell me?" He asked.
"To be honest.... I don't know." I said and embraced him in another hug. I moved his mask up a little and kissed him. He made it seem like he was moving away but instead he put his arm underneath my leg and carried me. then he let go and smiled.
"I know i haven't been gone long but I've missed you so much!" I said with my arm around his neck as he carried me without a problem.
"Would you like to take a walk with me as the sun sets?" He asked in a way that made me giggle.
"I'd love to!" I said and he put my down on my feet.
We walked and found a little hill and sat on the top to watch what was left of the sunset. it wasn't really a sunset anymore is was just dark now. I turned to Jack, should I tell him? No not yet. I decided it wasn't that important, it could wait. I laid down on the hill, Jack laid down next to me, I curled my arms around him and put my head on his chest, and slowly fell asleep. Later, I'll tell him later.

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