Chapter 26 "I Love Them."

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Your P.O.V
Over the past six months I had all kinds of vomiting issues and other stuff like that. But I would all be over soon, my due date was coming soon I would finally get to see my lovely children!
Every time I went to walk down the stairs someone was there, rushing over to help me, even though I was fully capable of walking. Or... at least I thought I was.
I walked down the stairs no one helping me one day and all of a sudden.... I missed the stair and fell causing me to fall down the rest. this isn't good! I thought as I felt something kick in my stomach. The one time someone isn't here to help me! I screamed to let everyone know I was there and well... in... labor! And pain! Jane was the first to see me, I could tell she was scared and shocked just as I was.
"Are you ok?!?!" She asked running down the steps and stopping at my side.
"Jane," I breathed out her name as i breathed in and out.
"I think I'm in labor!" I said as I was kicked again I clenched my teeth and pulled my head back in pain.
"Um.... ok!" She said panicking.
"Well... you need a hospital," she said. she tried to pick me up but failed with the effort. the next person to come down the stairs wasn't in fact who I was looking for but he would have to do, instead of Jack standing there looking down at me it was Jeff who looked confused and a little scared.
"Are you sure there is time to get her there? He asked Jane who was still trying to pick me up,
"We can make it, there is one not too far, if only SOMEONE would help me pick her up!" She yelled at Jeff.
"Just help me up and I'll walk." I ordered them. she did as i told her and put my arm around her shoulder, Jeff did the same and walked me out to the car.
****five minutes later****
We arrived at the hospital and I let out a loud yell as I was kicked again.
"Not too much longer!" Jane told me and they picked me out of the car and ran me into the building.
"Help! Help! Lady about to give birth here!" She yelled out to the hospital. Jane and Jeff had both hidden their faces form everyone with a hoodie.
Doctors came running in and took me away down the hall and into a room.
(We are just going to skip the birth part blah!)
I looked down in my arms and saw three adorable little girls there, it's over! You did it!
I gasped in pain as something else hit me in the stomach,
"I thought there were only three?!?" I yelled at them.
"It seems there is four!" The doctor said softly.
(Skipping that part again.)
I was worn out and by the time the last child was in my arms, they were all girls, all four of them! I looked up when they took all four of my daughters from my hands, I looked up at Jane, and smiled,
"I did it." I said barely getting the words out.
She smiled." Ya you did. Jack is here." Jane told me and Jack walked through the door and kelt down by the bed.
"How you doing?" He asked me and I smiled.
"Hard work." I said once again barely getting the words to come out. I'm exhausted! I didn't expect the fourth girl. I forgot to tell Jack!
"Jack," i began.
"Yes?" He asked.
"T-there's f-four." I told him stuttered and putting so much effort in talking.
"What?!?! There's four?" He asked and looked over to Jane, she nodded.
"You have four daughters." Jane told him. he looked back to me and smiled. I smiled back and pain came with the effort.
"Jack," I said his name again this time a tear rolled down my cheek.
"What's wrong?!?" He asked worry creeping into his voice.
"T-tell the girls..... I l-love them." I said and my breathing stopped as darkness engulfed me.
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