Chapter 24 Cant Be Happening

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Your P.O.V
I sat on my bed with my hands on my forehead thinking, how was this possible, was it already on the way or something? This can't be happening. It can't be! Right? I called Jane in not too long ago so I could talk to her, she walked through the door just at that thought and looked up. I was worried, scared, happy, angry, and sad at the same time.
Jane P.O.V
I walked into (Y/N)'s room after she called me in, I looked up and I saw fear glazing her eyes. I sped over to her closing the door behind me,
"(Y/N) what's happened?" I asked fear was now creeping into my voice.
"Something else lies in the future Jane," she told me. she kept muttering under her breath,
"Something else...." she muttered under her breath over and over again fear obviously catching up to her. I rested my hand on her shoulder,
"do you want to tell me what it is?" I asked. she looked up at me and whispered in my ear, I don't know why she did this, we were the only people in the room. (Haha I know why :3).
She told me why and my eyes lit up,
"Your serious!" I yelled. she nodded.
"Well that's great why so worried." I asked a little confused.
"It's obvious why I'm worried!" She said the tension getting to her. She through her hands and they went through her hair in a way that gave her the worried affect.
"(Y/N), everything is going to be fine!" I said standing up and shaking her by the shoulders. She looked into my eyes, they told me everything. she started walking towards the door,
"(Y/N)!" I screamed, she kept walking.
"Triplets can't be that bad!" I yelled over to where she was standing. She turned and gave me the 'your just saying that' look and walked out I the door.
"Ugh! Hormones!" I said out loud.
Your P.O.V
This can't be happening! It's not happening! No you just misread the future! I kept trying to tell myself that I messed up but I didn't believe myself. I flopped dramatically to the floor,
"How am I supposed to take care of triplet?" I asked when I noticed that Jane was once again standing next to me. she just looked at me with a concerned expression.
"I can't even take care of myself properly! How am I to take care of three more?!?" I asked Jane freaking out again. She kelt down next to me,
"(Y/N) it'll be ok. Trust me! Every mother has their doubts but in the end they always turn out to be amazing!" She told me smiling trying to comfort me.
"I just don't know if in ready!" I told her fear making my heart beat faster.
"Do you know for a fact that your pregnant already." she asked me.
"Jane.... I know I am! One, I had the vision. and two, I missed... you know what." I told her a little embarrassed.
"Oh. well, I guess you are." she said looking down.
"Your still going to be a great mother! And when you need help you've got friends who will help you with anything." she told me smiling,
"I'll always help you with anything you need." she told me still smiling.
"Thanks Jane." I said now smiling too. She put out a hand for me to grab and i took her hand and hauled myself up.
"When are you going to tell everyone else?" She asked as we walked down the hallway and then into my room, I sat on the bed with Jane next to me,
"Not till I know for sure that it's true!" I told her. She nodded.
"Good idea." she said after a bit of thinking on it.
"I don't know how I am going to tell them, but I guess I have to." I told her looking down at the ground thinking of different ways to tell Jack, searching for the perfect way.
"Jane," I called her name and looked up.
"Ya?" She asked.
"I-I think I've met up with each of my future children in my dreams!" I exclaimed. she looked over to me in shock,
"Y-you really think so?" She asked seeming kind if nervous.
"Ya, I think it was them. they were older. around.... Fifteen." I said now looking at the wall remembering each other the kids.
"What were they like?" She asked focusing on me.
"They were all girls, beautiful young girls." I started,
"I didn't get to see how they looked but I could tell they were all equally beautiful!" I told her. Jane looked excited about this, so was i.... But I was also scared! I don't want to mess up their lives!
"I want them to live good lives Jane." I told her still starring at the wall thinking about what it will be like.
"I'm sure they will!" She told me.
"They will have you as their mother after all. so how could they not?" She asked me, I turned and smiled at Jane.
"You always know just how to comfort me Jane." I told her and gave her a hug to show my appreciation. she stood up after that and walked to the door and before closing it,
"Now, let's keep our thoughts positive!" Jane ordered me and laughed as she walked out the door. I giggled.
Later that night I walked down the stairs while everyone else slept, I couldn't help it. I couldn't sleep with so much tension. I could have sat on the couch but for some reason I decided to lay down on the floor instead. I laid there for what seemed like minutes but turned out to be hours.
I heard footsteps coming from the direction Clockwork had come from last time I saw her, she leaned over the couch to see me laid out on the floor,
"Hi." I waved my hand to greet her.
"Hi?" She said looking at me with a curious gaze, question in her tone, and sat down on the couch.
"Why are you on the floor?" She asked me hesitantly.
"Just figured something out and I don't know how to feel about it. I mean of course I'm happy! How could I not but I'm not sure I'm ready for this." I told her and then looked up to her confused gaze and realized I hadn't even told her what I was talking about.
"What are you talking about?" She asked still confused by my lack of detail.
"Ok you can't tell anyone, promise?" I asked her.
"I promise." She gave me her word.
"Ok, well i can see into the future and I looked into mine and......" I trailed off.
"And...." she said the word referring me to to continue.
"And.... I'm gunna have triplets." I told her.
Her one green eye widened and showed so many different emotions. fear, happiness, sadness, anger, and excitement. which were all the feeling I had at the moment.
"That's wonderful (Y/N)!" She exclaimed, that was the excitement part she was feeling.
"Ya, except I'm worried." I told her now looking at my golden hair.
"I'm scared that I won't be able to give each of them the life they deserve!" I said still looking down at my hair.
"This can't be happening!" I said out loud.
"Do you know for sure?" She asked me the same question Jane had asked.
"Yes. I missed.... you know what." I told her once again embarrassed.
"Look, (Y/N) you will be an amazing mother! I'm sure of it." she told me smiling. I smiled back.
"Thanks-" she interrupted me.
"But you need to get some sleep!" She told me pulling me up off the floor and walking me up the stairs, into my room, and closed the door. I flopped down on the bed realizing how tired I was, and quickly fell asleep. This can't be happening! Can it?

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