Chapter 1 Slender Man

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I couldn't stand the thought of my parents being dead. I couldn't think about the crash! How I lived and they didn't! You can call it luck but I call it a curse! I didn't have anywhere else to go! I had no aunts or uncles from either side of the family! My grandparents were dead as well! I had no family..... They expected me to go to the orphanage but I'm not going to! They wanted me to go there! When I would never truly love anybody who adopts me! My best bet was to stay here at the house and wait for someone to buy it..... which could be a while considering nobody was going to clean it up and get it ready. Anybody who does.... will DIE! There is NO way I'm letting them take my home from me! I walked down the hallway and pulled the string that let down the stairs leading to the attic. I climbed them and sat there. that's the only place I ever was.... the attic..... alone, bored, confused.
After about a year of killing person after person after person. it didn't bother me to see their life melt away before my eyes. in fact.... I enjoyed it! Whenever I see their eyes show their death I feel powerful! I knew when I started killing people it would mess me up in the head. but I felt that I was doing what was best for me. when I probably wasn't.....
I peeked down into the hallway where a tall man stood... he had a black suit, and he was pure white... his skin was pure white! He turned around to look at the other end of the hallway giving me a clear view of his face.... but there were no eyes! Or nose.. or mouth! I jumped down from the attic and pulled out a knife from behind me.....
"You WONT sell my house!" I spat.
He said something but it sounded as though he was in my head?!?!
Was I going insane?!?
"No," I heard a voice inside my head. "I'm speaking to you through your head your fine.... "he told me.
"What are you here for!" I asked him.
"I'm here for you...." He told me.
"My eyes widened and I was about to run when he started speaking again,
"It's ok! I know you've been through a lot. I've come to ask you to live with people like you!" He told me.
"What do you mean people like me?" I asked him slowly, taking consideration in what he was saying.
"You've killed.... you've enjoyed the killing.... now I ask if you'd like to join me and my other proxies in the Slender Mansion?" He offered.

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