Chapter 28 Baby Girls

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Eyeless Jack P.O.V
It's been three days since my four perfect daughters were born and we were all at the mansion now, I had grown attached to them I was always with one of them and if not one then I would be with two and (Y/N) with the other two. I found it hard to stay away!
Once we had left the hospital with the girls, (Y/N) had decided to give them each their names,
There was Rosemary, Violet, Jasmine, and Valorie. Each of their names matched them perfectly! They were all so beautiful I couldn't turn my gaze away from them. Very rarely did my gaze leave their amazing smiles!
Each of my perfect daughters looked different from the others, I know quadruplets are supposed to look similar, but considering (Y/N) was special each of them got their own unique look. Which added to our luck!
I was sitting on the couch with Rosemary in my arms, I was watching Ben play his game for a little bit and then went back to admiring my beautiful daughter. Each of them were growing fast, they had all opened their eyes and were now crawling on the floor. I thought babies were supposed to take their time! I got to thinking about it and looked around to find Jane, whenever we had a question she was the first person to ask. I saw her walking down the stairs and I walked over to her, she smiled when she saw Rosemary cradled in my arms,
"Hey Jane, I have a question." I told her but I hadn't asked yet.
"Ok, what's that?" She asked telling me to ask the question.
"Ok, well the girls are growing really fast they are already able to crawl. Why is that?" I asked curiosity nagging at me.
"Oh, well since (Y/N) is special the girls are all special too. So now each of them grows up faster." she said smiling at me.
"How long till they stop getting older?" I asked worried.
"Oh don't worry, you decide when they stop! All you have to do is make them a proxy and then they quit. it's like what happened to everyone else except.... we didn't age fast." she informed me. I relaxed, that's good! I was not looking forward to the day when my kids are older than me!
"When will that be?" I asked.
"Well, if it were me I would let them age till they turn fifteen. that way they can live all those fun times as children and stay teenagers. like most everyone else around here." she told me. That sounded like a good age. I want them to live a long happy life!
I looked back down to Rosemary and smiled.
"Do you think I could hold Rosemary?" Jane asked me her eyes glowing at the thought. I smiled under the mask,
"Sure." I handed Rosemary to Jane, it was hard I loved holding the girls, I went to go find one of the other girls to hold.
I looked around to see Clockwork holding Valorie, I couldn't help myself I walked over to Clockwork, she turned and smiled and handed Valorie over to me knowing that I wanted to hold her.
"Thanks." I said and took off with Valorie and sat back down on the couch.
There was always someone holding one of the girls, I was always holding one, I didn't like letting them go. but considering they would be about two years old in about four months I needed to spend as much time with each of them as possible. it's been three days and they were already crawling I was happy but also sad. I wanted to be able to hold them for a little while longer before the day they tell me to stop and I would have to. I frowned at the thought, but smiled again when I saw Valorie smiling up at me. Her smile was just like (Y/N)'s....... breath taking!
Your P.O.V
I was in my room holding little Jasmine in my arms when my door opened and Jane stepped in. I smiled,
"Hi." I said cheerfully. she smiled back and sat down next to me with Rosemary cradled in her arms.
"Hi." she replied with happiness sparking in her voice.
"Have you noticed that the girls are growing up really fast?" I asked Jane looking down at Jasmine who's beautiful brown eyes were shining into mine.
"Don't worry this is normal for them, since you are special they are special. Since they are special they are growing up faster than they should." she explained to me her gaze fixed on Rosemary.
"How long will I have with them?" I asked nervousness creeping into my voice. she looked over to me laughter lighting her smile.
"(Y/N), it's your choice when they stop getting older. remember? You just make them a proxy and then they stop getting older." she informed me and I relaxed, what a relief!
"When should they-" she interrupted me and answered my question before I even asked it as if she already knew.... which apparently she did!
"I would say fifteen is a good age to stop getting older at." she told me.
"It does." I agreed with Jane.
Jane P.O.V
They had both asked me the same question so I had to answer twice. I didn't mind at all I just really wanted to focus on Rosemary and her beautifully colored eyes which were blue one minute, red the next, and sometimes green.
Silence filled the room and I looked over to (Y/N) who was smiling with Jasmine. I looked back down to Rosemary who smiled. that's all these girls ever did was smile. They loved smiling, and everyone loved when they smiled. Each little girl was simply amazing to be around! Happiness filled the air.
Ok I have some pictures of what the girls look like and OH MY GOSH!!! They are beautiful!

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