Love vs. Lust

Chapter 18

About a half an hour must have passed when Conner came running through the door.

“Where the fuck have you been!?” He asked looking furious. His voice was so loud and angry that I just burst into tears. I’ve been holding them inside and him screaming at me just pushed me over the edge.

I jumped up from the couch and was about to start running towards the stairs when I felt myself being pulled back.

“I’m sorry, tell me what happened” Conner said sounding really worried as he gave me a quick hug. I didn’t have the strength to argue so instead I just sat back down on the couch. Conner disappeared for a few seconds before returning with a box of tissues. He isn’t usually this sweet and caring so he must have been able to tell that I was really upset.

“Start talking” he instructed as he sat down beside me and handed me a tissue. I took it gratefully and wiped away my tears which didn’t help much, they were soon replaced by new ones.

“Reagan’s pregnant” I blurted out looking up at my brother. He looked shocked and confused at the same time.

“Oh, ok.  That sucks for her but why you are so upset about it?” he questioned obviously not putting two and two together.

“It’s Cole’s” I stated looking away. I didn’t want him to see the hurt that was sure to show in my eyes. Conner was silent for a while before he spoke again, I figure he was processing this new information.

“Are you sure?’ He questioned sounding horrified at the idea.

“Yeah, Reagan told me so herself” I answered not really feeling like talking about it anymore. What was left to say anyway?

“Damn” Conner whispered sitting back against the couch.

“I know” I stated going over the events of the day in my head.

“I don’t think Cole knows about it. He was freaking out when he phoned me and told me you had taken off” Conner said still sounding shocked.

“It doesn’t really matter if he knows or not, it doesn’t change anything” I stated numbly before getting up from the couch.

‘I’ll go talk to him, find out what’s really going on” he said getting up as well.

“You can if you want but I don’t care what he says, whatever was between us is over now” I said, the words hurt as they rolled over my tongue.

“Don’t say that Gabby, at least hear what he has to say” Conner begged looking pleadingly at me.

“No, I don’t care. Please just get my stuff and my cell phone while your over there, I’m expecting a call” I said before turning around and heading upstairs.

I locked myself in my room and cried until I ran out of tears. How could I ever have been so stupid? Why did I let myself get involved with Cole when I knew he was a jerk? Show’s you that a person should really listen to your gut instincts sometimes. If I did, I wouldn’t be in this mess.

My eyes felt puffy and sore and my body was starting to ache from just lying there so I got up and took a long hot shower. When I was done I put on my pajamas and got it under my sheets. It was still early but I didn’t care. I was just thankful that my mom wasn’t at home while all of this happened.  She got called in to work and was only going to be back late tonight.

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