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Home (Eijiro Kirishima x Reader) by The_Queen_Boo
Home (Eijiro Kirishima x Reader)by Call me Boo
(Soldier!Eijiro Kirishima x Reader.) • "Do you pledge to protect Lady (Y/n) with your life?" The Duke repeats and for a moment, those crimson eyes flicker to m...
Dig It Up *A 'Holes' Fanfiction* by doctorandriver
Dig It Up *A 'Holes' Fanfiction*by doctorandriver
"Kathlyn Barlow, the jury has found you guilty..." Kat Barlow is in trouble once and for all. The judge gives her two choices of her fate. Jail or mysterious '...
guns and roses #Riansh (Immj2)🔒 by _Scotiiiii_
guns and roses #Riansh (Immj2)🔒by maanvika
This is story based on Immj2..... What happens when your past returns and comes in front of your present and future.....what would you choose.... Will Vansh choose his l...
DC Harem x Reader by Lynxtheguy
DC Harem x Readerby James Jerrell
(Y/n) (l/n), an outlaw? A hero? A villian? An antihero? Only time will tell.
NERD GOT MARRIED TO A DANGERIOUS M...by Killian Yell Craig Leroux's
Prologue Nagising ako sa ingay sa baba kasi May naring ako putok sa baba kaya agad akong tumayo at sumilip sa pinto nakita ko si papa na tinututukan ng baril ng lalaki n...
Alpha And Luna by stranger10202000
Alpha And Lunaby
"You can't be my mate! you're a nerd and poor! I can't have you as my Luna!" alpha Forrest King yells at me. before he can say anything further I run. I run wi...
Love vs. Lust by Seager99
Love vs. Lustby Seager99
Gabby hates her brother's best friend Cole but then she is forced to spend some time with him and realizes that he isn't as bad as she always thought he was. Follow Gabb...
Tucked away(LANCE X LOTOR) by wog-woman
Tucked away(LANCE X LOTOR)by wog-woman
Cover By: @DipityWizard (Based off wog-woman's famous onehsot, "Tucked away") Lance has just joined the garrison when a mysterious space craft crashes outside...
Romance on set *Dylan O'brien fanfiction* by Princessdgurl11
Romance on set *Dylan O'brien fanf...by Princessdgurl11
This story is about co-stars dating each other, her name is Jeanette perz (pronounced gee-net) who is part of the cast of Teen Wolf. She's dating Dylan O'brien but will...
Insanity ( Jeff the killer x insane reader)  by iiiNISH
Insanity ( Jeff the killer x insan...by iiiNISH
You were just 5 when you snapped, your insanity took over you, and you didn't know how to control it. One day you went out of control and it led you to a place way worse...
Reba's little one chapter 1 by sillygirl257
Reba's little one chapter 1by sillygirl257
" Hey honey, what are u up too?" Reba asked her husband too be. "Oh nothin darlin, just looking at the type of food we are going to have at are weddin!&qu...
Drent & sernio by angelicaXzac
Drent & sernioby angelicaXzac
Two gays fall in love and have sex multiple time while is school.
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 baby Steps ***Complete*** by hannnielover
baby Steps ***Complete***by hannie
Annie and Hayden are dating and they did it one day Annie found out she was pregnant and everything changed
The Cafe L.S  by Loulover-28
The Cafe L.S by Loulover-28
Where Louis visits the cafe everyday and Harry is a employee.
Review  by Mei_Mei004
Review by Shwe Yi
ကိုယ္ဖတ္လို႔ေကာင္းတဲ့(Tran)ေလးေတြကို reviewေပးမွာပါ အဓိက ကေတာ့ အမွတ္တရသိမ္းထားခ်င္လို႔ပါ ❤❤
Mafia sex slave  by myhopeismylife
Mafia sex slave by my king hobi
" huh leave me plz " " There is no way to escape from me baby boy " A love story b/w a mafia king and his innocent salve, but one is totally differen...
masked | h.hj by chanbing_
masked | h.hjby lili
Kim Chaerin was saved by 8 men, who turned out to be a mafia gang called 'SKZ', from an intense war between her father and SKZ's allies. Hwang Hyunjin, the leader of the...
Thinking Of Tink by bulabita
Thinking Of Tinkby QueenBub
Falling in love is facile. Staying in love is laborious 'couz you need to make an endeavor. And quitting love is a quiet decision. In short, all the things in this world...
အစမ်းသပ်ခံအချစ်(အစမ္းသပ္ခံအခ်စ္) by pyaepainghmue3454
အစမ်းသပ်ခံအချစ်(အစမ္းသပ္ခံအခ်စ္)by pyaepainghmue3454
" ခေါင်းမာတယ် ဂျစ်ကန်ကန်နိုင်တယ် ဟန်ဆောင်ကောင်းတယ် အသည်းမာချင်ယောင်ဆောင်တယ် အငိုသန်တယ် ရက်စက်တယ် အထီးကျန်တတ်တယ် အားငယ်တတ်တယ် မြိုသိပ်ထားတတ်တယ် ဟင်းမချက်တတ်ဘူး ခေါက်...