Love vs. Lust

Chapter 15

When we got to Shelby's house Conner parked the car in the driveway and we made our way inside. Shelby was sitting on the couch holding her head in her hands.

"I'm so glad you came" She said jumping up and throwing her arms around me as she started crying. I didn't know what to say so I just hugged her until she let go and then followed her back over to the couch. Cole and Conner looked worried and angry as they stood on the other side of the room talking.

It was obvious that Conner knew what had happened last night by now and all I could hope for was that he wasn't going to tell our mom.

"I don't know what to do" Shelby said as she wiped away her tears. I had started crying as well and all I wanted was for this whole mess to be over. I knew it was a bad idea to go to the club, I never should have let them talk me into it.

"Who found Reagan's car?" I asked wondering in how much trouble we really were.

"The maid, her parents are out of town" Shelby answered.

"Ok, that's a good thing right?" I asked not quite sure about my statement. Shelby didn't answer so I asked another question.

"Did she ask any questions about where Reagan was?" I asked nervously.

"Yea, she just wanted to know why her car was there if she was at my place so I just told her that we dropped it off since we were all together and only needed one car. It sounded like she believed me" Shelby answered as she shook her head and started sobbing again.

"I'm going to go make you some tea" I stated as I got up and headed for the kitchen. It seemed like Shelby had covered our tracks to keep us out of trouble but that's not going to help us find Reagan. If nobody knew she was missing how can they look for her? Cole and Conner entered the kitchen as I was pouring the hot water into the mugs.

"We are going to have to report her as missing" I stated turning to them. I knew I would have to tell the truth about what happened but I will deal with that if it meant finding Reagan.

"Gabby!" I heard Shelby scream from the living room before they could say anything. I dropped the kettle on the cupboard and immediately started running towards her. Cole and Conner followed closely behind me and we all stopped in shock as Shelby helped a tired looking Reagan through the front door. My body filled with relief when I saw her but I couldn't help but feel angry at her for what she did to me and for what she put all of us through.

"Get me a bucket" Shelby said as she helped Reagan to sit down on the couch. Conner ran to the kitchen and came back with a bucket, he handed it to her just in time for Reagan to throw up in it. Seeing her throw up made my stomach curl and I had to hold my breath to calm myself down.

"What happened to you? Where did you go last night?" I asked walking over to where Shelby and Reagan were sitting. I was still furious at her but all I wanted was to have this whole thing over with and the sooner we found out what happened the sooner I could get out of here.

"I... I don't know, I can't remember" Reagan answered laying her head back against the couch. She looked pale and sick and a little piece of me couldn't help but feel sorry for her.

"Ok, up until where can you remember?" Shelby asked looking at me.

"You said that Cole is in love with you and that you loved him too. It made me angry so I left with some guys we met at the club. Shelby came with although she didn't want to, she kept on telling me to go back for you. When she saw that I wasn't going to she begged me to drop her off at her house and that's about it" Reagan answered nervously.

I knew this is what happened but it still felt strange hearing her say it in front of Cole. I am sure he knew that I liked him after we kissed this morning but I haven't told him that I love him and for some reason I was afraid to turn my head and look at his face so instead I asked Reagan another question.

"Where did you wake up this morning?" I asked hoping that her answer wasn't going to be as bad as I expected it to be.

"In a hotel room with the two guys. They were still passed out and my car wasn't there so I decided to walk. It was in town so it wasn't too far" She answered looking scared.

"Are you sure you don't remember anything that happened after you dropped me off, like what you and the guys did?" Shelby asked as some more tears ran down her face.

"No I can't remember but it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure it out. We were all naked when I woke up this morning" Reagan answered and then burst out in tears.

Shelby pulled her into a hug which I was grateful for because to be honest I had no idea what to do. My emotions were all mixed up and I couldn't figure out if I was angry at her for being so stupid or if I felt bad for her.

"You should go to the hospital so that a doctor can have a look at you" I stated when Reagan pulled out of the hug.

"You are right, I'll go now. Will you drive me home so that I can get cleaned up and get my car?" She asked Shelby nervously.

"I don't think that is such a good idea, you shouldn't be alone right now. You can get cleaned up upstairs and then I'll drive you to the hospital" Shelby said as she got up and held out her hand for Reagan.

"I'll phone you later to let you know what's going on" She said turning to me and then they disappeared up the stairs.

"Come on, there's nothing more we can do" Conner said walking towards the door. Cole drove us back to his house and then Conner left in his car claiming he had homework to do. I couldn't believe that he was being so calm and cool about the whole thing but I was very grateful, I don't think I could have handled it if he freaked out.

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