Love vs. Lust

Chapter 24

That’s when we heard a knock at the door. I was sure he was going to kiss me, not just a quick gently kiss but a proper kiss. I sighed as he pulled away. I was going to kill whoever was at the door.

“You should get it” Gordon said smiling at me, I think he could tell how irritated I was at the moment.

“I don’t want too, it’s probably Conner and I don’t feel like talking to him” I complained.

“Well, we can always just ignore them” he said moving closer again. There was another knock at the door causing me to sigh in defeat. It was definitely Conner, he never gave up. I scooted off of the bed and walked over to my door, unlocking it and pulling it open.

I was surprised and infuriated when I saw Cole standing there instead of Conner. He really had some nerve.

“What do you want?” I asked feeling my face turning red with anger.

“I just wanted to make sure you were ok” he said looking around me at Gordon who was still sitting on my bed.

“I’m perfectly fine, no thanks to you” I replied. Cole looked confused and I had to stop myself from slamming the door in his face.

“You really shouldn’t be hanging out with him” he half whispered looking a bit desperate.

“Why? What do you think he is going to do to me?” I questioned. At that moment Conner and my mom came walking down the hall. They looked at me and must have seen how angry I was because they both stopped and stared.

“Oh ok, do you want to hear this too?” I half shouted at my brother, he took a step forward so that he was standing next to Cole. My mom stayed where she was, looking very confused.

“What’s going on?” Conner asked looking over at Gordon like he must have done something wrong.

“Come on Gabby, can’t we just talk in private?” Cole asked begging me with his eyes.

“I don’t have anything to say to you” I replied honestly. He lied to me and hurt me. I didn’t want to talk to him or see him ever again.

Cole looked hurt but it didn’t matter, it was his own fault for lying to me and for being an asshole.

“What’s going on here sweetie?” my mom asked, speaking up for the first time.

“They… they won’t leave me alone, I don’t need them telling me what to do!” I half yelled as I felt tears stinging at my eyes. My mom looked at Conner and Cole disapprovingly for a second and then focused her attention back on me.

‘Gabby?” I heard Gordon saying from behind me. I turned around and looked at him feeling better immediately. I took his hand in mine and stepped closer to him.

“Maybe you should go home so Gabby and I can have a talk” my mom said looking at Gordon. He nodded his head in agreement and my mom looked at him gratefully. I didn’t want him to go but he shouldn’t have to listen to my brother and his idiot friend talking bad of him.

“I’ll walk with you” I said taking a step forward.

I pushed passed Conner pulling Gordon behind me. I wished I could just get in his car with him and leave all of the madness behind but I knew I had to sort it out otherwise it was never going to stop. When we got to his car he pulled me into a hug, I wrapped my arms around him and held on for dear life.

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