Love vs. Lust

Chapter 4

I spent the rest of Sunday in my room only going downstairs when I absolutely had to. The rest of the week went by slowly and consisted of me going to school and trying to avoid my brother and Cole. Reagan pretended to be ok but I could see she was still in a lot of pain from their brake up. I hate him for hurting her like that and for making my life a living hell.

Ray, one of my brother and Cole's friends were having a huge party at his house on Friday night and from what I heard half of the school was going to be there. I automatically declined but Reagan and Shelby wanted to go and somehow managed to convince me to go too. Reagan didn't want to go at first but then Shelby convinced her that it would be good for her and that she should hook up with some random hot guy and make Cole jealous. I seriously doubted that it would work considering Cole doesn't care about anybody but himself but Reagan thought is was a good idea and begged me to go with for support.

Friday afternoon after school I went home to get dressed and then meet up with my friends and Ray's house. It took me forever to get ready. I searched through my cupboard for something sexy or hot to wear but felt to uncomfortable in my black mini skirt and boots. I eventually settled on tight fitting faded jeans, flats and a body hugging pink top. I love pink, it brings out my features. I let my hair hang loose and added some light make up. I looked cute. That's me, always cute, never hot. No wonder I've never had a real boyfriend.

The party was in full swing when I arrived. I parked my car across the road since there was no more space in the driveway and took a deep breath before I got out and headed towards the house. I had no idea how I was supposed to find Reagan and Shelby between all of the kids so I took out my phone and dialed Shelby's number. She answered after a few rings.

"Where are you guys?" I shouted over the loud music.  

"In the bathroom, Reagan had a bit too much. I'm taking her home as soon as she stops throwing up" Shelby answered.  

"Ok. I'm going to go home then as well" I said before disconnecting the call and slipping the phone back into my pocket. I didn't want to come to this stupid party in the first place and was definitely no staying if my friends weren't here.

I spun around and was about to leave when I felt a hand grabbing my arm. I turned around to see my brother.

"Hi" I said wondering what he wanted.  

"Hi, where are you going?" He asked.  

"Home" I answered shortly.  

"Already? But you just got here. Why don't you stay and play a game with us?" He questioned and I couldn't help but feel suspicious. I love my brother but we don't hang out together much. We don't really get along and I think it is mostly because of Cole.  

"I don't think so" I said shaking my head.  

"Oh come on sis, it will be fun" Conner pleaded.  

"Ok, but after the game I'm leaving" I replied already regretting my decision.

I followed him upstairs and into a room. There were about fifteen kids sitting around talking and laughing. I recognized Cole immediately as well as some kids that were in a few of my classes.  

"Come on guys! Let's get this party started!" Conner called and everybody focused their attention on him. He sat down on chair in one of the corners and I sat down on the carpet next to him with my back against the wall wondering what I had gotten myself into.

"What are we playing?" I asked a girl sitting not too far from me. She looked at me like I was stupid but answered me anyway.  

"Truth or Dare" She said with a wicked smile and I felt my heart drop in my chest. Oh well, I'll just choose truth, I've got nothing to hide and that way they can't make me do something I don't want to.

My brother started the game by asking the person on the other side of him to choose truth or dare. The guy chose dare which I thought to be very stupid but he seemed to have found it very funny when they told him to streak through the house. The game continued like that until it was Conner's turn to ask Cole.

"Truth or dare?" my brother asked him with an evil smile on his face.  

"Dare" Cole answer without hesitation.  

"Kiss Gabby" my brother instructed. I saw Cole's mouth turn up into a smile. I heard my brother chuckle beside me and I glared at him. If looks could kill he would be dead right now. I didn't want to kiss Cole but what could I do? I was thinking of ways to get out of the situation but didn't have enough time.

Cole walked over to me and sat down next to me. I could feel my heart speeding up and my palms breaking out in sweat. I hated my brother for doing this. I felt angry and nervous at the same time. Nervous because I have never been kissed before and angry that my first kiss would be with Cole. It was supposed to be special not torture.

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