Love vs. Lust

Chapter 21

The kiss was short but very sweet. He pulled away after just a few seconds and smiled at me sending tingles down my spine. I had no idea what the kiss or the feeling it gave me meant so I smiled back, confused as hell.

“Let’s get out of here while we can still feel our toes” Gordon whispered letting go of my body but keeping a hold of my hand. We made our way out of the water and onto the beach. With every step I took my body shivered a little bit more.

“I should get you home” Gordon said as he handed me one of the towels. I took it from him gratefully and dried myself off before slipping back into my clothes. My underwear was still a bit wet but I felt instantly better once I was dressed.

“I guess you should” I replied smiling at him. Once he was dressed we headed to his car and started making our way back to my house.

It was half past four when Gordon pulled up in front of my house. It was still dark out so I quickly hugged him goodbye and promised that I would phone him later before I jumped out of the car and ran to my bedroom window. I climbed in quickly while trying not to make any noise.  I closed the window behind me and turned around to see Conner sitting on my bed.

“Where the hell have you been?” he asked taking me by surprise. I jumped on the spot and had to catch my breath before I could respond.

“I couldn’t sleep so I went for a walk” I lied hoping he didn’t see Gordon’s car.

“You’re lying again” he stated getting up from my bed and staring at me with anger and confusion in his eyes.

“And you are being way too nosy. What I do and where I go has nothing to do with you” I replied feeling irritated. Who did he think he is to be talking to me like this? He laughed at me shaking his head as he walked to my door. Before he left he turned around and looked at me.

“I’m not being nosy, I’m just worried about you” he said, then turned around and left. His words made me feel a bit guilty. Conner has always been a great brother, I really shouldn’t be taking my frustration out on him.

I didn’t bother changing into my pajamas, I was way too tired, so I just crept in under the covers and closed my eyes. I fell asleep instantly and woke to the sound of somebody knocking on my door.

“Gabby!” Conner called from the other side of the door. I groaned and looked at my watch. It was way too early to get up, I had at least another half an hour of sleep left before my alarm would be going off.

“Go away!” I yelled back pulling the covers over my head.

“Mom wants to talk to us before she goes to work” I heard Conner call back.

“Ok, I’m coming” I moaned as I sat up. I felt like crap from the lack of sleep.

I didn’t bother changing before going down stairs, I still had my clothes on after all. I took a quick look in the bathroom mirror after I brushed my teeth and groaned from what I saw. My hair was a mess and my eyes had dark bags under them. Oh well, I’ll just have to put on more make up then usual I thought to myself as I headed downstairs.

As I walked into the kitchen I let out a gasp as my breath caught in my chest. Cole was there sitting next to Conner looking as hot as ever.

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