Love vs. Lust

Chapter 48

“Just keep it down guys, I really don’t want to hear,” Conner yelled after us, causing me to blush and Cole to chuckle.

“That’s not funny,” I complained as we walked into my room.

“He was just pulling your leg, you know how he is,” Cole replied, still laughing.

“Yeah I know but it’s still embarrassing, I mean I know he knows we’re having sex but talking about it is a bit awkward,” I replied as I grabbed some clothes and a towel from my cupboard.

“Don’t worry about it, Conner’s wanted me and you to hook up for forever. He’s really happy about us being together,” Cole said  as he took some of his clothes out and placed them on my bed. I didn’t answer, I know he is right and I wasn’t really upset, just a little taken aback.

“You can go first,” Cole stated, smiling at me.

“No way, I didn’t live through that embarrassment for nothing. You are coming with me,” I replied, smiling at him teasingly. Cole’s eyes lit up with excitement as he grabbed his clothes from my bed and followed me to the bathroom.

Once we were inside I locked the door behind us and then placed my clothes and towel on the cupboard next to the basin. Cole did the same and then carefully watched me as I turned on the shower and started undressing.

I felt a bit self conscious as I did it but refused to show it. I wanted to be with Cole and I’m sure he could use a bit of reassurance at the moment.

“Are you just going to stand there and watch or are you going to join me?” I asked as I stepped in under the warm water.

He looked a bit surprised about my forwardness but ripped his clothes off of his body and let them fall to the floor. As I wached him undress I could feel my body heating up and it was definitely not from the warm water that was drenching me.

“God, you’re geourgious,” Cole breathed as he stepped in under the water with me. I smiled at his words and wondered how I got so lucky. He is absolutely amazing and seriously hot, excpecially now with the water running over his perfectly shaped body.

I slowly moved my hand up and placed it on his chest before running my fingers up and down his body. He moaned with pleasure, letting me know that he liked what I was doing so I decided to tease him some more.  I took a hold of my body wash and squeezed some into his hand.

“Do you think you can wash my back for me?” I asked, not sure where I was getting this new found confidence from. Maybe it was because I knew how much Cole really loves me, I’m not sure but I was having fun.

“Yeah,” he gulped, staring at me with lust filled eyes. I smiled at him and turned my back to him. His hands felt absolutely amazing on my body and it didn’t take long before he spun me around and kissed me so hard that it almost literally took my breath away.

I couldn’t stand another second of teasing him so I threw my arms around his neck and smiled against his kiss as his arms wrapped around my waist. The kiss was passionate and my body was reacting to him in ways I have never experienced before. When we finally pulled away to breath he looked straight into my eyes and the amount of love I saw in them overwhelmed me.

I leaned forward and crashed my lips to his again, needing and wanting more. His arms were still wrapped around my body so he moved them down, grabbing my ass and picking me up. I wrapped my legs around his body as he stepped forward and pressed me up against the wall.

When we were done I stepped out of the shower feeling so happy that I couldn’t stop smiling. Cole watched me as I dried myself off and I found myself blushing slightly because of what we had just done. It was absolutely amazing and if it wasn’t for the fact that we had to go to the hospital to see how Gordon was doing I would have dragged him into my room and made love to him all over again.

Once we were both fully dressed and calmed down we stepped out of the bathroom and made our way to my room. I grabbed my purse and Cole took his keys and walled before we went to the living room. Conner was sitting in front of the TV watching football but turned around and grinned at us evilly as soon as we stepped inside.

“You sure did take your time, was it fun?” he asked, obviously enjoying the fact that he could make me squirm a bit.

“Yeah, your boy over here is a real love machine,” I replied before I could stop myself. Conner’s eyes grew big in surprise and Cole burst out laughing beside me.

It took a while for both of them to recover but when they did I could tell that Conner was actually impressed by my little sarcastic come back. We promised him that we wouldn’t be to long so that we could drive him to the airport since he was catching a plane back to his college this afternoon. I was going to miss having him around but he promised to visit more often and Cole said that he would fly us out to visit him as well once the whole thing with Gordon was sorted out. I’m not sure exactly how long that is going to take or how exactly we were going to sort it out but I looked forward to going to visit my brother with Cole. In fact I was looking forward to doing a whole lot of things with him.

I was in a really good mood as we got into the car but as we drove I could feel myself getting nervous again. I really wanted to see Gordon and find out what was going on with him from the doctors but I was also very scared at the same time. What if seeing him and talking to him again made me want to be with him? What if he told me he loves me and wanted me back?

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